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Different Facial Wrinkles and What They Reveal About Health

Nobody likes to have wrinkles on their face but they are a natural part of the human aging process. They are a sign that no matter what we do, our age is progressing. Other than presenting the signs of aging, wrinkles also have their own special purpose as well as revealing a lot of things about a person’s health.

We were fascinated to learn about wrinkles being indicators for one’s health and we would like to share with you different facial wrinkles and what they reveal about the health.

Horizontal forehead Wrinkly lines

The horizontal wrinkly lines appearing on one’s forehead are called Worry lines which as their name suggests are indicators of the stress that a person accumulates on a daily basis. If these are prominent then it means that it is time to calm down and relax.

These wrinkly lines are also indicators that the body is consuming a large quantity of sugar and is also not having an adequate amount of water intake.

Wrinkles on Left eyebrow

Wrinkle lines on the left eyebrow of the face are in direct relation to the human spleen. If a person notices that these lines have started to become more prominent in a short period of time, then it is a sign that human spleen is not working properly or might be damaged.

Spleen gets strengthened from eating sugary sweets but refrain from eating too much sugar. One best way to repair a damaged spleen is to eat dried fruits.

Wrinkles on Right eyebrow

The wrinkles on the right eyebrow of a person indicate that the body has a high level of toxicity. The human liver is in a strong connection with human skin and the relationship is strong to the skin near the right eyebrow. So if a person notices that wrinkles near right eyebrows have become more visible, then it might be a factor of the liver imbalance.

A remedy for it is to change to diet the organic one like eating green vegetables and consuming protein-based products.

Wrinkles on Nose Bridge

Having wrinkles along the Nose Bridge means that a person suffers from allergies but it can also be an indicator of having excessive worries and stress. Nose Bridge is also in connection to one’s libido.

Having emphasized Nose Bridge wrinkles means that the person is suffering from a low sexual drive.

Crow’s feet

Crow’s Feet are the wrinkles that usually originate from the sides of one’s eyes. If a person has prominent crow’s feet then it means they smile with their entire face which results in a face to form these smiles. Another indicator from these wrinkles is that the person is having trouble with eyesight and they squint in order to see well.

Crow’s feet are also in connection with the organs such as the liver, stomach, and kidneys. If the lines for Crow’s feet become noticeably visible in a short time period, then it means that it is time to take a better diet.

Under-eye circles

Circles under the eyes or also known as under-eye bags are the phenomenon that occurs when a person is not getting enough sleep. They are referred to as bags because they tend to look saggy and appear as if there are actual bags under one’s eyes.

These Eyebags also indicate that the person suffers from poor blood circulation as well as have weak kidneys.

Discoloration of the cheeks

Tender areas of the human cheeks are indicators for health issues such as lung diseases. If a person notices discoloration of their cheeks, then it might be a cause of lung disorder. If a person suffers trouble in breathing, they must consult with a doctor.

Tenderness of the cheeks is also related to digestive disorders and in such cases improving one’s diet is highly recommended. The best exercise to relieve one’s self from both lung disorder and digestion disorder is to do jogging on a daily basis.

Nose with Red-tipped

Having a red-tipped nose during the winter season is a normal thing but if this happens in even normal conditions, then it might be due to something that is troubling one’s heart condition. The nose is in direct relation to the heart and changes on nose indicate the problems like blood pressure.

It is highly recommended to consult a doctor instead of trying home remedies. If there is nothing serious of the sorts, cutting back on caffeine consumption might help relieve the symptoms. One way to promote good heart health is to eat fatty acid foods such as avocados.

Mouth wrinkles

Wrinkles that appear on the side of the mouth are in relation to the human colon. If these wrinkly lines start to become more prominent over the short time period, then it is a signal that the colon is not healthy as it must be.

It is very easy to revitalize the colon and refresh its health.  Drinking fluids and eating foods with Vitamin D along with regular exercising are the easiest ways to maintain good colon health.

Laugh lines

If a person tends to laugh more often and with their full face then there is a chance that there face already has laugh lines on their face. The repetitive movement from laughing cases these lines.

While having laugh lines indicate a jolly person but if they tend to become deeper in a short time period, it might be an indicator that the pancreas is starting to weaken. Adding some of the healthy foods in diets such as grapes, blueberries and garlic are highly recommended for optimum health of the pancreas.

Neck wrinkles

Neck lines occur as the natural human skin phenomenon and as a person ages, they become more visible. They can also be due to being overweight or a signal for thyroid problems.

The thyroid health can be fixed by the intake of Zinc pills as well as reducing the gluten in one’s diet.

Visible temple veins

Visible temple veins that tend to normally stretch around the forehead of a person are an indicator that the person suffers from high blood pressure. This also means that the said person is also suffering from lots of stress. All of these problems can be fixed by starting light yoga or running on a daily basis.

Another way to reduce the blood pressure is to eat bananas along with cutting back on the consumption of salt.

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