15 of the best beauty tips.


1. Double cleanse.

Top-of-the-line ideas I’ve learnt is that double cleansing is not going to strip your face (in the event you’re utilizing the proper of cleansers, of
course), and will in reality be one thing you do if you’re sporting sunscreen and/or heavy make-up. 

2. Your face stops at your boobs.

One other essential tip I’ve learnt? Your face begins at your brow and ends at your boobs! The podcast has taught me to not ignore my neck and decolletage – as a result of these areas want simply as a lot love as your face. 

So, I now carry all of my skincare merchandise proper now to my chest – serums, sunscreen – the entire shebang!

3. Scrub your scalp. 

Scrubbing your scalp makes such a distinction to your hair and scalp’s well being, and feels superb if you spend that additional little bit of time taking care
of your head. 

I requested girls within the You Magnificence Fb group to share the one piece of recommendation that they’ve taken on board after listening to the podcast. 

About 90 per cent stated that SPF must be worn each single day, which is a given – however right here had been another phrases of knowledge that I discovered worthy of sharing. 


Jojoba oil! I heard Leigh and Kelly advocate it time and again, however I simply couldn’t see how an oil might assist my acne-prone pores and skin. 

Nicely, throughout a Priceline sale I gave in and acquired it – and my pores and skin has by no means been higher! It’s smoother and softer from the emollients within the oil, and the anti-bacterial properties have healed my breakouts like nothing else. 

I completely ought to have listened to them sooner!


The sequence of making use of skincare merchandise – from lightest to heaviest texture. This has helped construct my routine so nicely!


Every thing to find out about alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), together with what they’re, what they really do and the most effective
product suggestions. 

I had no concept that I really wanted these substances in my routine till listening to the podcast. I’ve learnt a lot.


You do not have to keep away from hair merchandise with silicone! And don’t really feel unhealthy in the event you’re shopping for your shampoo from Woolies.


At all times put moisturiser and serums on a moist face. They take in so a lot better into your pores and skin.


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