30-Second Test For Checking Your Heart’s Health

Do you know how powerful a human heart really is? It can still beat even when it is disconnected from the human body. Still, the heart can be prone to many health conditions and in order to live a healthy life one must take care of their heart’s health. But how can one know if their heart is in optimum condition or not? Well, there are few things that a person can do to check if everything is alright with their heart or not.

Today we bring for our readers a 3o-second test for checking the heart’s health. And if something is wrong with your health, we have added some bonus tips to take care of your heart in the end.

1st step

Ice health

The first step is to take a big enough basin that can accommodate both of your hands and then fill it with ice-cold water. It is recommended that you should put in this water some solid ice.

2nd step

Now place both of your hands in this icy water and let them be submerged in the water for about 30 seconds. Submerging your hands in the icy water will let you know how the blood in your body responds when it comes in contact with the cold weather.

This method will yield two following results.

If Fingers turn red

If after 30 seconds you take your hands out and the fingers are of red color then everything is alright.  This means that there is no problem with the oxygenation of the blood in your body. Your heart has optimum health and the blood circulation is working just fine.

If Fingers turn cyanotic or pale

Pale Fingure

If the fingertips of the hand turn to pale color or have bluish discoloration, also known as cyanotic, then this means that you suffer from blood circulation disorder. This usually occurs when the red blood cells in your body have low levels of oxygen in them or because the body suffers from problems in getting oxygenated blood.

If this is the case for you after a 30-second test, then try warming the fingers by massaging them to help them change themselves back to normal color. If the color does not change back then you should get an appointment with a doctor at your earliest convenience. In case you suffer from following symptoms along with bluish discoloration, call for 911 ASAP.

  • Fever
  • Gasping
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Numbness in legs, hands, toes, fingers, and arms
  • Fainting or dizziness
  • Chest pain

Foods to improve the heart’s health

Improve Heart Health

If you only suffer from pale fingers this means that your heart suffers from some degree of problems but it is nothing that cannot be treated at home. For this, one only needs to adjust their lifestyle and change their dietary habits. We have laid down some foods that can provide various benefits to aid in having better heart health.

  • Garlic: helps in lowering down the blood pressure and provides relief from vasoconstriction
  • Dark Chocolate: helps stabilize the blood pressure as well as the fight against inflammations
  • Cinnamon: helps in fighting off atherosclerosis and heart disorders
  • Avocado: a superfruit that decreases the high levels of the bad cholesterol to clear the blood arteries

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