A Dermatologist’s Guide To Fixing Dry Winter Skin


Whether or not you’re making an attempt to keep away from or treatment the state of affairs, the trail to success (AKA wholesome, comfortable, hydrated pores and skin) appears to be like the identical.

First, we’re sorry to be the bearers of unhealthy information, however sure, even in winter, scalding sizzling water is a no. “Keep away from sizzling showers and baths as they pull moisture from the pores and skin,” says Rodrigues. “Ensure that the showers are brief, ideally three minutes or much less, and maintain the water as cool as attainable.”

And when you’re in your (repeat after us) time-capped, lukewarm bathe, you’ll wish to attain for light cleaning formulation. “Keep away from cleaning soap, and select soap-free merchandise with out perfume to assist hydrate the pores and skin whereas cleaning it,” she confirms. FYI, the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is dynamite for refreshing the pores and skin while conserving hydration intact – it’s a deliciously milky gel, formulated with three important, skin-loving ceramides that received’t depart pores and skin tight or dry at all.

Then when you’re out, it’s hydration time, it doesn’t matter what precise time it’s: “Moisturise! Within the morning and night,” Rodrigues recommends. You may nonetheless defend your pores and skin as soon as your rinse-and-replenish routine is wrapped up, too: “Take into consideration placing a humidifier within the room for those who use heaters,” she says.

However whereas we’d like to say that downing these eight glasses a day helps your pores and skin’s hydration ranges, sadly, it’s working extra wonders inside than out. “Consuming extra water is nice on your general well being however received’t moisturise your pores and skin,” Rodrigues confirms.

Ethical of the story: sustain your water-drinking recreation, however know that it undoubtedly received’t do the noble work of a topical moisturiser.


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