Activated Charcoal and its wondrous uses on body

It might be needless to say to some of you that the activated charcoal has numerous uses. But you might not know is that this unique item has several other amazing uses for health like when it comes to first aid like treating stomach disorders or for poisoning. Activated charcoal has the ability to absorb something other than a thousand times than its own mass and with these amazing absorbing properties, it can help to deal with many health issues as well.

For our readers today, we present to you activated charcoal and its wondrous uses on the body.

For teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Activated Charcoal carries a negative electrical charge that allows it to attract towards itself free radicals and toxins that are positively charged. In addition to that, it also attracts all the plaque and stain particles on our teeth which give charcoal its teeth whitening powers. These days, toothpaste companies are adding activated charcoal in their tooth powders and toothpaste.

To get rid of Blackheads and Acne

Activated Charcoal also binds well with dirt, toxins, and bacteria on our skin that lead to blackheads and acne. While there are many skin care products with charcoal in them, you can make one at home easily.

Add half a tsp of activated charcoal in 2 tsp of water and mix them well to make a thick paste. Apply it over your face and let it dry on its own. Afterwards, rinse it with cool water.

For treating itches caused by insects or a rash

If anyone of you suffers from insect bites or some kind of rash and do not have any itching ointment, then do not fret as long as you have some activated charcoal. Due to its ability to bind itself with toxins, allergens, and poisons, it is a natural remedy for such scenarios.

Break open a capsule of activated charcoal and mix its powder in half a tbsp of coconut oil to make a solution. Now with the help of cotton ball, dab this solution over the affected area and let it sit for half an hour or longer until the itch goes away.

It is also effective in treating a rash caused by poisonous plants such as Poison Ivy.

Prevention from Mold and many diseases


While you may not know but you often get infected with mold that can lead to a number of following health conditions.

  • Kidney disorder
  • Brian and liver malfunctions
  • Heart diseases
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Depression

While mold can be gotten rid of many over the counter products, you can make one such product at home with activated charcoal.

Just mix in half a cup of activated charcoal powder in 1 cup of water and make a paste of it.  Apply this paste over the affected mold area and let it sit for half an hour and rinse it off with cool water.

A cleanser for Digestive tract

With the air, we breathe in and the food that we eat, we also ingest harmful chemicals and pesticides that tend to accumulate large amounts of poisons in our body over time and especially in our digestive system. If one removes those allergens and toxins from the digestive tract it causes the body to have a boost to its immune system as well as an improvement for all bodily functions.

For a digestive tract cleanse, doctors, recommend taking 10 grams of activated charcoal 90 minutes prior to a meal for 2 days. You can incorporate it in your diet by adding it in your food as well like in a smoothie.

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