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Amanda Meixner, A Nutritionist Suggests Food Swaps To Help Lose Weight Without Starving

Amanda Meixner is a nutrition blogger who has come up with her own weight loss regime. Her regime is consistent of swapping processed foods with whole natural foods.

Today we have gathered some of the super easy yet affordable food swap that will completely change the way you eat food normally in a miserable diet regime.

Dieting vs. Healthy eating

Dieting does not mean that you have to starve yourself. It will only make you think about food. So instead of fasting try filling up on vegetables, proteins, essential fats and the right amount of Carbs to satiate yourselves.

Fast food vs. Homemade food

Fast food vs. Homemade food

Instead of eating frozen wrapped foods from a truck joint, change your lunch break routine by eating your own home prepared meals. Homemade meals are much healthier than the store bought ones and are also light on the budget.

Flavored yogurt vs. Greek yogurt + fruits

Make some little changes in your meals. Instead of eating flavored Yogurt, which comes with 28 grams of sugar and 6 gram of protein, try switching to Greek yogurt with fresh fruits on top. This way you will not only consume a mere 9 grams of sugar but also 21 grams of proteins.

Agave vs. Maple syrup/honey


Fructose is a very damaging form of sugar. The Agave Syrup contains the highest amounts of Fructose than any other commercial sweeteners. Instead of using it, switch to the organic and pure Maple Syrup which is not only less processed but also contains 24 antioxidants. These antioxidants will also help strengthen your metabolism.

Chips vs. Popcorn

Many of you might roll your eyes after hearing of swapping Chips with Popcorns. However, it is a healthy alternative as a bag of chips contains 50 calories with 9 grams of fat, 16 grams of carbs and is a processed item. As for Popcorns, they contain only 90 calories and are nothing but hollow popcorns to fill up your belly while watching a movie.

Burger vs. Burger with no bun


It is normal to eat a burger sometimes but next time you deiced to eat a burger, skip the bun and wrap the meat in lettuce. This will reduce 18 grams of carbs in your meal.

Fresh food vs. Frozen food

Many studies have confirmed that there is a lot of difference in terms of nutrition between Fresh Foods and Frozen Foods. Frozen vegetables are not only cheap but they also have more nutritional value because as soon as they are ripe they are plucked and frozen.

Candy bars vs. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

If you have midnight food cravings, then replace these cravings for candy bars with Dark Chocolate. This way you will save yourself 20 grams of sugar that your body will be burdened to burn while you sleep.

Chocolate vs. Real cacao

The chocolate that most of us sprinkle over our coffee contains 20 percent cacao with 75 grams of sugar. As for the real Cacao, which is the healthiest part of the chocolate, try adding it to your coffee as it only contains .5 gram sugar.

Protein balls vs. Eggs


Eggs are nature’s very own protein ball. If you try to match the protein of one egg, you will have to eat 5 commercial protein balls. On top of it, the egg only contains 78 calories, while commercial protein balls are highly processed.

Random snack vs. Actual meal

If you try to fill your stomach with a handful of nuts used as a snack, you are actually eating more calories as compared to an actually prepared meal. Chose meals based on their nutritional value and not just calories.

Cereal vs. Filling breakfast

Filling breakfast

Even if you are late for work or school, take your breakfast routine seriously. Instead of eating those usual fruits loop cereals try switching to a low calorie, high fiber cooked meal. You can also add fresh fruits or a low sugar protein shake to fill your belly up.

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