Amazing Effects Of Drinking Olive Oil on an Empty Stomach

Olive Oil is a get natural product that is enriched with following healthy compounds.

  • Macronutrients
  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamins

The product in itself is very beneficial for human health when it is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.

For our readers today we have gathered a list of few of the most persuasive reasons for you to drink olive oil. Taking only one tbsp of olive oil on an empty stomach will provide you with amazing health benefits.

To heal the colon


Olive Oil contains in them the effect of protecting the cells that might lead to cancer development. It is also able to improve the colon health to provide instant relief from constipation.

To get better skin, hair, nails, and bones

Olive oil also has great effects on hairs, nails, and skin. It helps to repair, nourish, moisturize and promote the nail and hair growth. For hairs, you can simply apply it as a mask. However, the benefits of olive oil are maximized if it is consumed internally.

To clean the liver


The liver in the human body has one of the most important tasks; to clean the internal systems of impurities. However liver itself needs detoxing often and for that purpose, olive oil is a great solution.

To detox your liver, make a drink by mixing 2 tbsp of olive oil in 1/3 glass of lemon juice and drink this to have improved liver health.

To lose weight

Olive oil also contains the fatty acids that are actually of the good kind. These fatty acids, give the body a feeling of satiety. You can drink olive oil on an empty stomach or use it as an alternative to butter for cooking your breakfast.

To improve the immune system

immune system

Fatty acids inside olive oil do not only create a feeling of satiety but they are also helpful in the immune functions. Some of the common features done by the olive oil are as follows.

  • Regulation of the immune system
  • Support to the immune system
  • Treatment of autoimmune diseases

To protect the heart

Normally there are two following kinds of cholesterol.

  • LBL which is the bad type
  • HDL which is the good type

Also, the HDL dislodges the LDL and now to the main question as to how a person can increase the amount of HDL in the body? There is one way and that is the Mediterranean Diet which involves following main food items.

  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Olive oil

To reduce inflammation

reduce inflammation

Olive oil has the properties like ibuprofen which is helpful in fighting against the inflammation. According to research, 3.4 tbsp of olive oil contains in it the amount of ibuprofen that is as effective as 10 percent. There is also a plus side that unlike ibuprofen, Olive oil is a natural treatment.

To protect the brain

Olive Oil is also helpful for improved brain health. The human brain needs almost 20 percent of the total oxygen intake by lungs to perform and it is also affected by Free Radicals. Consuming one tbsp of Olive Oil has massive health benefits for the brain and it is also proven to stop the medical conditions.

  • Prevents Alzheimer
  • Prevents Mental incapacitation  
  • Decreases Risk of Depression
  • Boosts Memory

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