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What on the earth is squalene? It’s an ingredient we’ve seen on skincare merchandise, nevertheless it has a detailed relative: squalane.

In terms of how squalane is sourced, you will not be prepared for the reality: this ingredient is definitely sourced from shark liver! Squalane is inhumanely harvested by killing off shark populations in excessive numbers. Sharks are literally dying within the identify of a few of these fancy merchandise, risking the eventual disappearance of our ocean’s most important apex species.

Let’s dive into squalene vs. squalane, why the wonder trade is so intent to depend on this merciless ingredient, and the way we use a plant-based various that works higher on your pores and skin.

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Squalene Vs. Squalane

Squalene (the form not derived from sharks) is definitely native to our pores and skin. It’s fatty, wealthy, and useful for retaining pores and skin supple and moisturized. However our personal pure squalene provide begins to quickly decline in our early 20’s – by center age, it is nearly non-existent. Why is that this an enormous deal? Squalene is instrumental in securing the pores and skin’s moisture barrier, whereas supporting wholesome pores and skin growing old.

Squalene in magnificence merchandise is claimed to be extremely unreliable, and may truly do extra hurt than good. Say howdy to clogged pores, greasy pores and skin, and oxidized make-up in case your cosmetics include this ingredient.

Enter squalane: the larger and higher model of squalene. It’s derived from squalene however turns into squalane by way of a technique of hydrogenation. This permits it to play good with our different skincare merchandise, like oils and hyaluronic acid that may assist lock in lengthy lasting hydration.

Squalene from Sharks

Squalene has been primarily used within the South Pacific as a cure-all treatment. Sharks, particularly deep-sea sharks, possess a excessive quantity of oil for buoyancy. A lot of this oil may be discovered of their livers, which is the place hunters and harvesters discover squalene.

One of many main points with the sort of environmental destruction is that the sorts of sharks focused for squalene are bigger, and are available of age slowly. Which means as their populations swiftly decline attributable to beauty harvesting, they aren’t capable of replenish on the identical fee – inflicting a extreme drop in giant shark populations not simply within the South Pacific, however on a world scale.

Whereas society and popular culture have painted sharks as villains of the deep, they’re truly a elementary a part of the ocean – and very important to ocean life as we all know it. Listed below are a few of the methods sharks are vital to the marine ecosystem:

  • Since sharks are the first predator of the ocean, they assist preserve different populations of sea creatures.

  • Intimidation and culling by sharks helps to stop overgrazing, due to this fact sustaining seagrass and coral reefs.

  • Wholesome sharks feed on weak, sick, or diseased sharks, fish, and different sea life. This helps to scale back the unfold of marine ailments and sicknesses.

  • Sharks are a pillar to the oceanic ecosystem and with out them, ocean life is susceptible to collapse.

We don’t imagine that any ingredient placing our surroundings in danger is definitely worth the reward. There are numerous humane elements that ship the identical efficiency with out hurt, resembling our rice bran or sugar cane, or our private favourite: olive sourced squalane, which we use in 100% PURE™ merchandise.

By sourcing olive squalane as a substitute of shark squalane, we will save thousands and thousands of sharks yearly!

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100% PURE™ Olive Squalane

We supply healthful elements that make the most of the ability of both vegetation or clear, artificial options to traditional elements. We’re doing our half to higher the wonder group by together with olive-derived squalane in our formulation. This olive substitute is healthier for the ecosystem and on your pores and skin!

Olive squalane is created as a pure byproduct throughout the refining technique of olive oil. In the course of the technique of hydrogenation, squalane turns into a lighter type of olive oil squalene that’s way more secure. It helps to spice up cell regeneration, which aids in eliminating age spots and scars, tightening the pores and skin, and sustaining a youthful look. It additionally helps to melt tough pores and skin, restore solar harm, and heal pores and skin circumstances resembling psoriasis and eczema.

Along with the identical advantages popularized by shark squalene, olive squalane is totally shelf secure compared to its various.

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Listed below are a couple of 100% PURE™ merchandise that function olive squalane:

Green Tea EGCG Concentrate Cream
Amazingly potent and antioxidant-rich, this cream helps defend and restore from environmental harm. In live performance with inexperienced tea and yerba mate, the olive squalane on this moisturizer is instrumental in fortifying the pores and skin’s moisture barrier and soothing the pores and skin.

PRO TIP: This cream has a sister within the type of our Green Tea EGCG Concentrate Serum. Begin with the serum and layer on the cream for elevated hydration and pores and skin readability.

Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Concealer
What would you guess is the primary ingredient in concealer? For our opponents, it is likely to be water or silicone – however for our vegan and cruelty-free 2nd Pores and skin Concealer, its olive squalane. Squalane is without doubt one of the major the explanation why this concealer seems like your actual pores and skin.

Rose Water Hydrating Milk
On this largely water-based moisturizer, olive squalane works to make sure enough moisture ranges. This moisturizer was designed primarily for hydration, one thing that olive squalane helps with its capacity to create an occlusive barrier over the pores and skin to stop water loss.

Green Tea SPF 30
Olive oil is without doubt one of the major moisturizing brokers on this all-purpose sunscreen. Whereas barely completely different in chemical composition from olive squalane, they do share comparable advantages – particularly, their antioxidant content material and emollient properties.

We hope we’ve shed some gentle on the injustice of this beauty ingredient, and proceed to help essential work by organizations like Shark Stewards. Their mission is to determine key shark sanctuaries, cross laws banning shark fishing, and make clear this essential trigger. Study extra about their trigger at


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