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    Foods That Help Fight Alzheimer and Foods to Avoid

    You might not know this but there are actually a lot of things that can help the human body to protect the brain by making it do exercises for keeping it healthy. The other thing that you might not know about brain health is that there many dietary items that can help you fight the […] More

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    Diseases Which Affect Both Men and Women In Different Manners

    While both men and women can suffer from some diseases that almost have similar symptoms, some of these diseases tend to affect both these genders almost entirely different. There are some diseases, the effect of which can be felt by women more severely, there are also many diseases that can affect the males rather seriously. […] More

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    Toy Companies Are Making Toys Which Will Help Disabled children

    It has been quite long that disabled children were left out purposefully from the popular kid cultures such as the toys, storybooks and the cartoons. But now one organization named has decided to change all that as they have started their movement of creating the toys that are going to be relatable to the […] More

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    Situations When Parents Unknowingly Hurt Their Own Children

    We reviewed various studies related to the health of children and also made a list of the things that are actually really harmful to the children as per the advice of the experts. Below are some of the situations when parents unknowingly hurt their own children. Tickling your children It happens quite a lot that […] More

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    30-Second Test For Checking Your Heart’s Health

    Do you know how powerful a human heart really is? It can still beat even when it is disconnected from the human body. Still, the heart can be prone to many health conditions and in order to live a healthy life one must take care of their heart’s health. But how can one know if […] More

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    Little-Known Uses of Hot Water Bottles for Health Problems

    There might seem like there are limited uses for a hot water bottle like putting it under the bed of a baby to help it sleep better or for adults to put on their joints when they feel sore, there are actually many other uses for these hot water bottles as well. Some of the […] More

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    Signs That Scream For You To Pay Attention To Your Lungs

    It is a sad and unfortunate fact that fresh air is something that not many of us can enjoy and especially the ones who live in big cities. The air pollution has risen to a great extent in this past one decade than it was ever in the history of mankind. This means that our […] More

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    Japanese Scientist Won the ‘Nobel Prize’ for the Work of Explaining As To How Fasting Helps Retain the Youth

    Back in 2016, a scientist from Japan named Yoshinori Ohsumi won the greatest prize of the scientific community, “The Nobel Prize” for his work in the field of Physiology and Medicine. His work was about the research conducted on the autophagy in the yeast.  The study revealed that short periods of fasting actually has positive […] More

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    Body Features With Real Purpose Now Finally Explained

    The human body is truly a wonderland that has been created by Mother Nature. Do not believe us, just take a look of yourself n the mirror and you will find many features of your body that you have no idea what they serve the purpose for. Some of them include the body hairs that […] More

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