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All liquids help to keep the body hydrated among all these liquids water is the best choice because it is free. Water has no sugar or calories. A common recommendation is to drink eight ounce glasses of water which can vary depending upon person’s health, exercise and climate. More than 50% of body weight of a human is water. Not enough intake of water can lead to dehydration in fact a person cannot last without water more than 5 days.


Women these days are very conscious about their beauty. They don’t leave any stone unturned to look younger and more beautiful. While they take different measures for achieving this goal they completely neglect the fact that the most simple of the way to do so is in their reach. Yes Water, water also has beauty benefits for women who drink plenty of water. These benefits are shockingly amazing as well as prominent. Some of these visible and prominent beauty benefits are as follows.

Benefit # 1:-

Howard Murad M.D. at University of California, Los Angeles, in his book The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel Ten Years Younger states

You can look significantly younger by just keeping your skin hydrated.

Water fills in lines and wrinkles of skin by pluming that gives lackluster complexion. Drinking plenty of water keeps skin tight and toned by filling cells naturally. When skin cells are filled with water, they push from inside against skin that helps in reducing flabby skin.


Benefit # 2:-

Drinking water has been the most effective strategy practiced by dieters. Water doesn’t act as magic on weight loss but it can be used instead of other beverages to hydrate the body. Penn State researcher Barbra Rolls PhD states that

Choose water or non-caloric beverage over a caloric beverage and eat water rich foods that are healthier, filling and lessen calorie intake.  


Benefit # 3:-

Renee Rouleau skin care expert and licensed aesthetician says that,

Splashing your face before applying makeup is a simple trick to naturally shrink skin pores. This makes foundation look and stay smoother.

Benefit # 4:-

Got Acne? Not to worry a simple remedy for acne problem is to, Drink hot lemon water in the morning. This reduces bacteria internally and in turn lessens breakouts. This is an insider secret of skincare specialist Renee Rouleau.

Benefit # 5:-

Calming effects of water are immeasurable. Sound of running water triggers sudden soothing response that reduces stress says Gabriella Bernstein. Also states that Feng shui stresses on bringing running water in home to increase happiness and peace. If you don’t have a waterfall in your backyard then just set up a simple tabletop foundation for just as good effects.  

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Benefit # 6:-

Don’t worry about fizzy and brittle hairs. You don’t have to buy expensive hair products to make your hair look glossy. You just need to drink up more water. Water hydrates cells of body and hairs are no exception. Drinking plenty of water makes your hair silky and smooth.          

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