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Health benefits of Tahitian Chestnuts

The scientific identify of Tahitian chestnuts is Inocarpusfagifer. It’s a species of flowering plant within the subfamily Faboideae of the legume household Fabaceae. It’s native to Indo – Malaysia and it’s naturalized after historic aboriginal introduction in Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. Tahitian chestnuts are cultivated within the Pacific Islands, in addition to in New Guinea, Indonesia, particularly in Sulawesi and Java. The colour of Tahitian chestnuts is inexperienced pores and skin when it’s uncooked and it’s turning to yellow or orangey-yellow when ripe. The flowering season of Tahitian chestnuts is from November to December.

The lifespan of Tahitian chestnuts is as much as 90 years. Components which are used from Tahitian chestnuts are seeds, leaves, and bark. It’s observed that Tahitian chestnuts might help to cease inside bleeding. A decoction of the bark can be utilized to deal with scabies. You’ll be able to eat the seeds of Tahitian chestnuts uncooked or cooked (you’ll be able to bake or boil them). Grated seeds can be utilized for making puddings, bread, and flat truffles. This fruit is used as meals since historic occasions.

Health benefits of Tahitian Chestnuts

The advantages of Tahitian chestnuts may be processed into various kinds of preparations, resembling chips, flour or simply to be boiled. The flour fabricated from Tahitian chestnuts has vitamins and nutritional vitamins that are very useful for the physique, so you’ll be able to add Tahitian chestnuts to your eating regimen. Tahitian chestnuts have many alternative well being advantages, however if in case you have by no means used them earlier than, then discuss along with your physician earlier than you utilize them, so you’ll know that they won’t trigger you unwanted effects. In Fiji, Tahitian chestnuts have used all components of the tree on account of their medicinal properties.

Listed below are some well being advantages of Tahitian chestnuts:

Helps meals absorption:

Tahitian chestnuts have tannins which might help within the technique of meals absorption. It is vitally essential to have optimum absorption of meals as a result of this may have an effect on the well being of the physique as a result of the organs get the dietary consumption.

Keep wholesome pores and skin:

This fruit is wealthy in Vitamin C. As we all know, Vitamin C is taking part in an essential position in sustaining wholesome pores and skin, so it will possibly assist you to have a vivid shine.

Deal with canker sores:

Tahitian chestnuts are wealthy in Vitamin C. This vitamin might help you to deal with canker sores. Should you endure from canker sores, you’ll be able to devour Tahitian chestnuts in a pure manner. So there may be nothing flawed to do it.

Supply of antioxidants:

Tahitian chestnuts are wealthy in flavonoids hepatic and that is one supply of antioxidants. They’re wanted for the physique to struggle towards free radicals which might result in many alternative ailments.

Cleansing the intestines:

One of the vital essential issues which exist within the human physique is the gut. Your intestines needs to be cleaned, so this could preserve them wholesome. You’ll be able to devour Tahitian chestnuts to wash your intestines as a result of this fruit is wealthy in saponins which might cleanse them.

Cures diarrhea:

It’s required leaves of crops to deal with diarrhea. It is best to lower small items of the leaves after which, boil them till they’re boiling. It is best to drink the boiled water to deal with diarrhea. Any such remedy is taken into account a pure manner that has been used since historic society to deal with diarrhea.

Can be utilized as a satiating preparation:

You should utilize the Tahitian chestnuts as a filling preparation. Seeds are the a part of this tree that’s used. It is best to boil the seeds upfront for a very long time earlier than they are often consumed as a result of the seeds of Tahitian chestnuts are very laborious.

Abdomen ache:

There are some research by which it stated that historic folks have used Tahitian chestnuts as a house treatment for abdomen ache. However, there are usually not sufficient scientific research to approve it, so earlier than you utilize it for this goal, it’s best to discuss along with your physician if will probably be appropriate for you.

Insect bites:

It has been proven that the juice from the mesocarp of inexperienced fruits can be utilized as a house treatment for treating insect bites. It may be additionally used for treating burns. This well being good thing about Tahitian chestnuts was used rather a lot in Tonga.


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