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Bug Bites That Anyone Can Now Identify

There are only a limited number of human beings that can avoid in their life from getting bit by the insects. But for many of the humans, this is a pressing issue, especially during the summer season. Sometimes it is really hard for a person to determine what has actually bitten them. The bite might result in feeling hurt, itching or even swelling. There are hundreds of thousands of different species of insects all across the planet and among them, we know the most common ones like bed bugs, lice, bees, mosquitoes, and wasps. They are normally found in every part of the world and can bite humans and often they are the carriers for different diseases. This is why one needs to pay importance to what bit them in order to treat the insect bite.

Today we have created a list of the common insect and the bites from these insects to help identify what the bug bite would feel or look like so you can treat it effectively.


If a person is bitten by a hornet on their body, that bitten area becomes red in color and also gets swollen up. Blisters also often occur. The victim of hornet’s bite also feels excruciating pain which is even worse than that of the bite from a wasp. The reason is that the poison of hornet is much more toxic because the insect has a larger size than a wasp. Its poison contains in it histamine as well as acetylcholine.

If a victim feels numbness and cold in their limbs, lips or ears or suffers from difficulty in breathing, then it is a serious case of hornet’s bite and one should see a doctor ASAP.


If a person gets bit by a bee, they need to first remove the sting which might still be inside the bitten area. The skin, as a result of the bite, gets swollen and red in color. This is accompanied by conditions like sharp pain, severe itch, and burning sensation. If a person is not allergic to bees, then the trouble ends then and there. In case of an allergic reaction to the bee’s poison, a person might suffer difficulty in breathing which is a serious health condition.


The symptoms of the sting from a wasp are much similar to that of a bee bite. The area stung gets swollen and red in color which is accompanied by a feeling of burning and pain and terrible itching afterward. In some cases, the skin also suffers from hemorrhaging. A wasp might sting a person several times, unlike the bee which stings only once.

Just in the case of a bee sting, a person bitten by wasp must be aware of their allergic reaction to wasp sting because they might suffer from the anaphylactic shock.


Bites from a Mosquito often result in swelled up red spots which are of the size of a berry. Most of the bites from the Mosquitoes occur on the open and exposed areas of the body. Mosquitoes tend to bite those spots where the human skin is relatively thin and from where the blood vessels are exposed for better extraction of blood.

When a Mosquito bites, they also inject their own saliva in the person’s wound which contains the anticoagulants that make the blood’s consistency thinner. This results in the skin becoming red and prone to swelling and itching.


The reaction of the body after a tick bite is the formation of a red spot. This insect also tends to remain on the person’s body for a long period of time and it grows bigger and bigger by drinking the blood of its host.

One thing that makes the ticks worse is that they carry diseases like Borreliosis, encephalitis among many others. If a person removes the tick from their body, the red spot on that skin region would not simply go away but continues to grow. This is why; one should go see a doctor after they identify a tick bite.


The bites from fleas can often be misinterpreted as bites from mosquitoes or caused due to allergies as the bitten area becomes red in color and swelled up. But unlike the mosquitoes, the bites of fleas are much more painful and the itch accompanied with its also more severe.

Fleas often attack the legs of the victims and most often the victim is sleeping. One flea can bite a person numerous times so the distance of each red spot is about 0.5 inch to 1 inch from each other. Also, fleas tend to transmit several serious infections through their bites.


Most of the ants are not a serious threat to human beings but the species called Red Fire Ant is one that everyone must steer clear from. The bite from this species caused the appearance of pustules on the bitten area which then turns into scars. The ant’s bite also flows inside poison which contains deadly toxins that cause conditions like an allergic reaction and even an anaphylactic shock.

There is another species of ants called thatching but there bite is less dangerous as compared to that of a mosquito bite. The bitten area appears to be pink in color with itchiness being prolonged. When these ant bites, the victim feels burning sensation as if someone has poured over them hot scalding water.


A cleg is an insect that appears to be a big fly but they are not like the flies at all. Their bites are very painful and they also drink the blood of its victim. Upon a bite from cleg, the area becomes red with the area not being more than 0.3-inch but then it starts to get swelled up and causes the severe itch.

Clegs also transmit different diseases such as anthrax and tularemia through their bite but it mostly attacks cattle instead of humans.


If a person notices bites that seem that of a mosquito bite in places with hairs like neck, head, and ears, then it is an indicator that it is either the head or pubic lice bite.  These small dots can also appear on body parts like stomach, back, legs and hands. The bite makes the skin seem as if it is pierced.

Lice tend to transmit diseases such as typhoid and trench-fever.

Bed bug

A bite from a Bed Bug seems to be from mosquitoes or flea or caused by an allergic reaction. The skin gets swollen, red and begins to itch. The way to identify a bed bug is that each bite is much closer to the other one and they seem to be like little roads on the skin.

Bites from a bed bug are much more painful than that of a mosquito.

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