Calories You Burn While Doing These Everyday Activities

This is one of the most common things to do when losing weight; Count the Calories You Burn. However, people are not aware as to how many calories they burn each day going about their ordinary daily life activities.

For those who are on a weight loss program, they should be aware of one simple fact, you need to burn more calories than you consume the food. While going to the gym is one solution, you can also burn those extra calories by doing ordinary daily activities.

For our readers today, we have gathered a list of some ordinary daily life tasks that can help them burn the excessive calories in their bodies.

 So scroll down to look at how many Calories You Burn While Doing These Everyday Activities

Taking a Hot bath:-

Hot bath

According to a research study by a psychologist from the University of Loughborough, if you take a hot bath, then it is equal to spending 30 minutes of walking. According to this study; a hot bath results in the blood sugar levels of the body to drop down significantly while maintaining the body energy at its peak.


Daily 30 minutes of doing some creative or even the simple writing results in a person to lose 15 calories. This means that writing for 2.5 hours is equal to 15 minutes of extreme hardcore exercises at the gym.



Reading is also a great way to pass the leisure time but it is also beneficial in burning calories. As it turns out, if you sit back and read for relaxing, it results in the body to consume 390 calories. This means that if you read for about 4 hours, it will be equal to 25 minutes of exercise.


Another simple activity, sitting also results in calorie burning. If you sit still for 390 minutes, you will lose 31 calories for doing absolutely nothing.  You can spend his time meditating and if you perform meditation for 3 hours, it is equal to 20 minutes at the gym.

Working on Computer:-


For those who work on a computer for a living, be happy; as daily spending 30 minutes on computer results n body to burn 42 calories. For those who spend 3 hours on a computer, it is equal to working out for 35 minutes at a gym.


Another simple activity, sleeping causes significant calories burning. If a person takes a short nap of 35 minutes, they burn 55 calories. By this standard, daily 8 hours of sound sleep is equal to spending a solid 45 minutes at a gym.



Driving is another common activity for most of us. A 45 minutes driving duration result in the body to burn 62 calories. If a person drives for 2 straight hours, it is equal to them spending 25 minutes at the gym.

Cleaning Dishes:-

We all do need to eat and we also do need to clean our dishes. However this simply activity also aids in calorie burning. If you clean dishes for 30 minutes, then your body will burn nearly 66 calories. By this standard, daily cleaning dishes for 2 hours is equal to spending 38 minutes in the gym.


30 minutes of standing results in the body to burn 75 calories. If a person stands for 1.5 hours, then it is equal to spending 20 minutes at a gym.



Ladies be happy and men be a little sad, as Shopping for 30 minutes straight results in the body to burn 98 calories. For those who spend 30 minutes shopping, they are actually spending 5 minutes at a gym.

Playing with Kids:-

If a person spends 30 minutes with their kids paling around in the house or in the backyard, then he is burning nearly 150 calories. If you daily spend 2 hours playing with your kids then you are actually spending 1 hour at a gym.

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