Can Black Seed Oil be beneficial against Coronavirus – Covid19

Black seed is also known as Nigella Sativa ( a small flowering shrub with purple or white-tinged flowers that grows in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and western Asia). It is also known by other names like

  • black caraway
  • black cumin
  • black onion seed
  • kalonji
  • Habbatul Barakah (Arabic)
  • Tikur azmud (Amharic)

Black seed has been traditionally used as flavouring and spice around the world. It has also been used in breads, yoghurt, pickle, salads and sauces. The seed and its oil have been used widely in different civilizations, for the treatment of various ailments in animals and humans, including Arabian countries, Far East, Europe and Africa.

The seeds from the flower can be dried and then oil can be produced by cold press or other treatments. Different procedures produce different potency of the oil. the most potent oil is the one that is raw and extracted by the method of cold press.

Several bioactive compounds can be found in N Stiva among those the most important bioactive ones are thymoquinone. Other main phytochemicals reported from different varieties of N. sativa include sterols and saponins, phenolic compounds, alkaloids, novel lipid constituents and fatty acids, and volatile oils of varying composition.

Coronavirus strand Covid19 started in China and so far have claimed many lives. It has quickly turned from an epidemic to a pandemic. The latest figures for the people affected and the mortality rate can be found on the following website.

With the current crisis of Covid19; coronavirus the race has begun to find a vaccine for the virus, Where scientists and pharmacists are in a race to find the perfect cure. Some people argue that nature already has a remedy for defence against the disease.

The US president Donald Trump in March 2020 used a press conference to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine, a common anti-malaria drug, to treat Covid-19, saying: “I sure as hell think we ought to give it a try.”

There are others that have jumped in the queue and started testing the anti-malaria drug for the treatment of Covid19 Coronavirus. Saying this, it is not sure so far if the treatment is working, however, there are positive reports on one side while some doctors are on the other side. however, for patients that are critical there is nothing to lose.

It is worth noting; as explained earlier black seed oil contains a bioactive thymoquinone sources suggest that this compound that imitates hydroxychloroquine is currently under intensive research in China to create a vaccine/antidote of COVID-19. That compound is Thymoquinone (TQ), an extract from Nigella Sativa Seeds or Black Seeds. Also, in various previous studies it was found that in many diseases such as Glioblastoma, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, TQ has proven to be a better substitute for HCQ.

Active compounds of Nigella Sativa Seeds are thymoquinone (30%-48%), thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, p-cymene (7%-15%), carvacrol (6%-12%), 4-terpineol (2%-7%), t-anethol (1%-4%), sesquiterpene longifolene (1%-8%) α-pinene and thymol, etc.

Black seeds can be taken raw or with salad or bread. Sprinkled over smoothies and in other variety of ways. There are many suppliers online that sell black seed oil and capsules. please seek guidance on how to consume black seeds or black seed oil.

This article does not constitute medical advice. Please seek the help of a medical professional in case you develop symptoms.

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