Causes for Numbness of Hands That Need You Immediate Attention

Numbness of hands is one of those conditions that can frighten any person. In some of the cases, it may be caused due to the side effects of certain medications which are not that significant.  In other cases, they may be due to the underlying serious health conditions.

Today we have discovered a list of causes for numbness of hands that need your immediate attention.


In some extreme cases, the numbness of hands may be due to a serious condition and its underlying symptoms. This is true for the case of having a stroke. As for the numbness, it usually occurs on one side of the body and person suffering from a stroke might have trouble lifting their arms.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Another common cause for numbness of hands is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which is caused when a major nerve of hand is either squeezed or compressed. Some other common symptoms of Carpel Tunnel syndrome are as follows.

  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Weakness

While early symptoms of the condition are treatable with simple precautionary measures, more serious situations require surgery.

Lyme disease

Lyme Disease is generally caused by the bites of infected ticks. The condition has a lot of varying symptoms and it mostly starts with symptoms like fever and rash.

If Lyme disease is left untreated for long, it might result in numbness of hands. If left ignored for long, it might lead to nervous system disorders as well as cardiovascular disorders.

Thoracic outlet syndrome

The thoracic outlet syndrome occurs in the body when there is compression between the nerves and blood vessels located in between the first rib and collar bone. This is mostly caused as a result of carrying heavy weights in repetition. Mostly females are affected by this condition and experience following symptoms.

  • Numbness in fingers and arms
  • Weak grip
  • Pain in hands
  • Pain in shoulders
  • Pain in neck

If not treated early, it can lead to surgery.

Raynaud’s disease

For those who live in cold regions, they might experience that they cannot feel their nose or fingers along with these regions becoming extremely pale in color. While for some it is due to sensitivity towards cold but for others, it might be due to Raynaud’s Disease.

The disease is triggered either by cold or due to extreme stress. In this disease’s attack, the affected areas such as fingers and toes turn white in color. After a short while, they turn blue and then cold accompanied by numbness. The condition occurs as a result of limited blood circulation and in extreme cases can cause gangrene and amputation.  

Diabetic neuropathy

People suffering from Diabetes might also suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy in which the nerves of the body are damaged due to high blood pressure which leads to numbness of hands. In extreme cases, this might also lead to serious disorders like limb loss.


For those who suffer from pain in their whole body along with continuous fatigue, it might be due to fibromyalgia. People suffering from this disorder often describe having numbness as well as a tingling sensation in their arms and hands. The disease is a chronic one and experts are still trying to figure out its exact causes.

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