Centuries Proven Remedies To Help Stop Your Joint Pain

Joint Pain like that of Arthritis has to be making humans suffers as far as 4500 BC in the history. Otzi, one of the oldest mummies in the world, that lived somewhere in-between 3400 to 3100 BC suffered from Joint Pains. This is why; humans have developed many natural remedies to treat joint pain like arthritis and many like it.

Today we want to introduce to our readers some of the following time proven remedies to treat to the joint pains.



Mukul Tree releases a sticky substance which s green in color and is called Guggul. For centuries it has been used to treat arthritis. Guggul works by neutralizing a primary gene of the human DNA named “NF-kappaB” that causes inflammatory reactions in the human body.

To use Guggul for treating joint pain this is how you use it.

Add ¼ tbsp of Guggul tincture in ½ tbsp of water. Drink it before 30 minutes of every meal.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has the natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which not only soothes inflammation but also relieves the pain of the following joint conditions.

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  •  osteoarthritis
  •  even muscle injuries

To use the Eucalyptus oil, follow this method.

Mix 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil in the same amount of peppermint oil. In this mixture add carrier oil like Olive or Moringa Oil. Often Moringa oil is recommended due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Massage the aching joints with this oil daily for pain relief.

Black cohosh

Black cohosh

Black Cohosh is renowned for its anti-spasmodic properties for the nerves and muscles. It contains anti-inflammatory salicylic acid which is used as a base for Aspirin. This compound has been sued for centuries to treat following pains.

  • Muscular
  • Pelvic
  • Rheumatic

To use it follow this method.

Use a recommended dose of 50 to 80 mg of Black Cohosh in about 2 to 4 ml of water or tea; whichever you like. You can also use the Black Cohosh capsules.


Cinnamon is enriched with a compound called ‘Cinnamaldehyde’ that gives Cinnamon its flavor and color. The Cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon prevents the production of arachidonic acid that causes inflammation.

To use Cinnamon, follow this method.

Add 1 small teaspoon of Cinnamon powder in 1 cup of hot water with 1 tbsp of honey added in it. Drink one up in the morning and one in the evening.

Devil’s claw

Devil’s claw

Devil’s Claw is a plant that grows in deserts of Africa. It got its name because of claw-like hooks covering this fruit. The dried roots of this plant have been sued for treating joint pains for centuries.

To use Devil’s claw follow this method.

To use it as a tea, brew 5 grams of Devil’s claw roots and drink 1 cup daily. You can also use it as a supplement as it is available in capsule form.


A traditional Chinese Therapy; Moxibustion uses burning of dried Mugwort on the areas that are affected by joint pains. It is effective in treating chronic joint pains. In China and East Asian countries, this method is particularly renowned for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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