Changes in Body That Reveal a Lot About One’s Health

Some of the health-related problems are quite sneaky and they do not manifest themselves fully until the person is compelled to seek a doctor’s help. This is particularly true for the earliest stages of a disease. According to doctors, if the patients find out about the symptoms of the disease earlier on, it would essentially be really helpful to their treatment. Early diagnosis in the case of some diseases can even be a lifesaver.

Today we have uncovered a few of the changes in the body that reveal a lot about one’s health.

Scalloped tongue

A scalloped tongue is the rare condition of the tongue in which the surface of the tongue seems as if a pie crust. In general terms, it means that the tongue has become larger as compared to the lower jaw. If the condition is not caused by the trauma of the lower jaw, then this is a result of swelling. This swelling can be caused by many factors and can be treated without a need to see a doctor. One such remedy is to drink water to counter dehydration.

In case of other symptoms with scalloped tongue such as cramps, low blood pressure, bruising or hair loss is present then this might be a sign of the thyroid disorder.

Nails on Black lines

Nails can reveal a lot about a person’s health. Some people are born with naturally thick or the thin fingernails. If an irregular appearance occurs in nails then the said person should contact a doctor.

One of the irregular nail conditions is the dark lines in a vertical manner which is one of the signs of the skin disease Melanoma. In case a person does not remember hurting their nail or not have any other possible explanation for dark lines in nails, then they should make an appointment with a skin specialist.

Thickening and darkening of neck

If a person starts noticing dark brown colored patches that are vertical in direction and are little swollen while feeling like velvet near the skin folds such on the neck or under the arms, then it should not be ignored. This might be a sign of insulin resistance by the body. This should get checked as soon as possible. This occurs when the body does not react to the insulin as it normally should and this might end up being a cause for Type 2 Diabetes.

Pimples on chin & jawline

Below the skin are many small glands that produce the natural oils from them. These oils keep the skin in great condition and these oils pass up to the skin through its pores. When the glands start producing more glands then needed by the body, they start to clog these very skin pores and might result in conditions like pimples and acne.

In females, the emergence of pimples on the jawline is the first sign of hormonal imbalance which causes the production of testosterone; a male hormone.

A pimple not healing

Almost all of us suffer from the problem that is pimples at one point in our life. Some of us are lucky and they vanish on their own but others might have to struggle to keep them at bay. Whatever the case is, these pimples are usually caused due to the skin pores getting clogged. But there is one special pimple case that must not be ignored at all.

This pimple is often small in size and is like a pearly which often bleeds but does to go away even after a few weeks. This pimple is the first sign of the horrible disease Basal Cell Carcinoma. This cancer is not that risky but is still a cancer type and needs to be treated as soon as possible. The treatment of this disease is a lot faster if it is diagnosed in earlier stages.  

Females with Unusual hair growth

If a female suddenly starts experiencing growth of unusual hairs in the areas such as the chin area, the lips or below their belly button, then this could be the first symptom of the condition known as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In this condition, the ovaries of the female start getting enlarged due to the hormonal imbalance. Also, keep in mind that it can be triggered due to the genetics of the person.

Finger pain

Fingers that are thickened unusually and start being sensitive to touch, then this is the sign for lung cancer. After the lungs develop a tumor inside them, they then start releasing chemicals in the bloodstream. These chemicals in the blood then stimulate the growth of tissues that are under the fingernails and on the fingertips. This is what causes the pain in fingers.

If a person starts noticing thickening or swelling of their fingers all of a sudden, then they should contact a doctor, just to be on the safe side.

Eyes’ whites and skin getting yellow

If a person gradually starts noticing that their skin color and the whites of the eyes have started turning yellow in color, then they must be very wary of this. The reason is that it is the most renowned sign of Liver related disorders.

The eyes start turning yellow in color due to the presence of a chemical known as Bilirubin which starts to accumulate in the bloodstream. So as soon as a person starts noticing the yellow color in the above-described areas, they should visit a doctor and get an early diagnosis. This might be extremely helpful in the long run for the treatment of the disease.

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