Check Your Health By Performing These Simple Yet Easy Medical tests (part 2)

Hello readers, we hope that our last article titled “Check your health by performing these simple yet easy medical tests” might have proven itself really an important one for you. Seeing how important it is to take care of your health by knowing about the disease before it progresses we decided to offer some more of these tests. So let’s wear your reading caps and have a read of our article titled “check your health by performing these simple yet easy medical tests (part 2)”


Diabetes is amongst the few diseases in the world that are rapidly becoming common and the treatment of them is a long term. It might take a little bit of time before a person even realizes that they suffer from diabetes. So, in order to let our readers have an early lead on their risk of developing diabetes, we present a simple medical test. For this test, you are going to need the help of another person. Ask the said person to take a pencil with a sharp tip and poke it gently on the sole of your feet and the ends of your toes. After pricking them with a pencil tip, poke it with the eraser of the pencil. Now the question here is can you feel both of these touches without seeing which occurred first? If a person does not fully feel the touch, then this means that their nerve endings in their feet are not properly functioning. Low sensitivity to touch on feet is a major indicator of diabetes.

Arterial problems

Arterial problems

Bad blood circulation is the root of many health disorders and it is highly beneficial to be known about this kind of disease. For checking the arterial problems in your body perform this following test.

  • Lie down on the floor straight with your feet placed on the wall at 45 degrees angle.
  • Keep the legs in this position for a few minutes.
  • This step is crucial as now the person has to evaluate the color of their won feet.
  • A pale color which is almost white in both toes and feet indicator that the person has really poor blood circulation.

The change can be observed in either one or both of the feet. Peripheral arteries are responsible for delivering the blood to other limbs of the body. With the muscles in these limbs not getting enough amount of oxygen, they start exhibiting following symptoms.

  • Numbness
  • Pain

The condition is usually called the PAD (peripheral Artery Disease) by doctors. If the condition is left untreated, there is a risk of suffering from either a heart attack or a stroke.


For performing a test upon the hearing ability, the person needs to be in a completely quiet room. Bring the hand close to the ear and start rubbing the fingers. If you hear a sound, then get our hand a little further away and then start rubbing the fingers again. If you can still hear the fingers rubbing then your hearing senses are working just fine. Same is the test for the other ear.

Risk of developing cardiovascular diseases

Risk of developing cardiovascular diseases

For testing the overall efficiency of your cardiovascular system you might have to do a little bit extra hard work for a test. For this test, the person needs to climb up on at least 12 steps of a ladder all the while singing a song. The person can also read something or talk on their phone. The thing that is important in this test is to talk while climbing. If after or in between the test, the person feels as if their heart is beating really fast or their breath is out of proportion, then their cardiovascular system and their lungs are not able to handle even the medium level of physical activity. While all these tests are helpful to some extent, they are still self-made and the option of a real medical practitioner is the final say on the matter. So it is always better to see a doctor if you start experiencing unusual symptoms.

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