Check Your Health By Performing These Simple Yet Easy Medical te

For those who want to take good care of their health, they need to undergo a full medical exam for at least one time a year. Still, there are many simple tests that one can perform at their home that do not require much medical practice to diagnose some serious illnesses even before the symptoms of them appear.

For our readers today, we have gathered a bunch of these simple tests in our article, “check your health by performing these simple yet easy medical tests”.

Lung & Heart Disease

For this test, a person needs to make their fingers of both hands in J shape and then attach them to another as can be seen in the picture above. If there appears a diamond in between them, then this means that the blood vessels in your lungs and heart are healthy.

If the nails on the index fingers do not have space in them, this indicates Nail Clubbing. This is due to fingers getting inflamed which are a sign of blood not getting enough amount of oxygen. The oxygen deficiency in the blood can be due to following reasons.

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Lung disorders

Dementia & Stroke

Dementia & Stroke

For this test, you are going to need a timer. Lift any of the legs up in a manner so that the hip becomes parallel to the floor and then start the timer. If a person can stand in this position for 20 seconds then they have reduced risk of developing dementia or a stroke.

For those who experience difficulty in standing on 1 leg, their blood vessels tot eh rain might have some problems.


Stand in front of a mirror and pull the eyelid of any eye downward. If the color of the undereye area is pink then nothing is wrong. Instead, if the color appears to be light pink or yellowish, it indicates a person suffers from Anemia.

Anemia is usually caused due to the lack of hemoglobin that also indicates the fact the tissues and muscles of the body are not getting enough amount of oxygen. Pother common symptoms of anemia are getting tired rather quickly or trouble in breathing.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance

Losing hair is one of the natural processes of the body. According to medical experts, an adult human loses on average 50 to 100 strands of their hairs each day and there is nothing to worry about in that case. For the time you need to worry about hair fall, you can perform this following test.

  • For the test, the hair needs to be clean and dry.
  • Take a lock of your hairs in your hands and pull on them gently.
  • If 2 to 3 hairs come out then nothing is out of ordinary but if more come out, it means that you suffer from hormonal imbalance.

Some common causes of abnormal hair loss are as follows.

  • Stress
  • Poor hygiene
  • Serious health conditions

Most of the time, hair thinning occurs due to nutritional deficiency or the hormonal imbalance.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This test is usually recommended for those who are office workers, bikers or artists as they suffer much from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Lift both of your hands so that the forearms are parallel to the face.
  • Now try reaching the base of the hand with tips of the fingers.
  • If a person can do this for 1 to 2 minutes, they are fine.
  • For those who feel tingling sensation or numbness in their fingers and wrists, they might be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

The main cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the fact that the neighboring tissues in hands presses on the median nerve.

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