Collagen-Rich Foods To Slow Down Aging Skin

Collagen is a structural protein of great importance in the human body that acts as glue for the connective tissues. Collagen is also the protein that is the main thing for skin elasticity. For those who one day notices that their skin is riddled with wrinkles, then it is a red light to the fact that the collagen level in their body is significantly reduced. One of the main ways to slow this drop in collagen levels is to keep a healthy daily diet.

Today for our readers we have gathered a list of few of the collagen-rich foods to slow down aging skin.

Fish and Meat Broth

In order to stimulate the production of collagen in the human body, one of the main and beneficial foods is the bone broth. The broth is enriched with a bioactive protein that makes use of it to start producing more collagen. A person who needs to repair their collagen levels should consume bone broth every day in the quantity of 6 to 12 oz.

Salmon fish is enriched with many minerals, especially the Zinc that acts a collagen stimulant. In addition to this, the fish meat is also packed with Omega-3 Fatty acids that keep the skin hydrated. Experts recommend eating salmon at least 2 times per week.

Fruits, berries and vegetable

In order to prevent many diseases, green vegetables are one of the excellent dietary choices. These vegetables also help in reducing the breakdown of collagen. Green vegetables have in them lots of chlorophyll that aids in the production of collagen. For those who work more actively, they should eat three bowls of green vegetables.

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C that aids the amino acids of the human body to make Proline. Proline is a chemical substance that helps the collagen production. As for Vitamin C, it helps the human body to be free from toxins. A healthy person should eat 2 servings of fruits each day.

Berries like raspberries, strawberries as well as cranberries are all enriched with ellagic acid that s helpful in prevention of the collagen breakdown normally caused due to UV radiation. Berries are also enriched with vitamin C. an adult person can eat 2 to 5 oz of berries each day.


Eggs are exactly like bone broth that are collagen in their own composition. The main part of the egg that can provide human body with collagen is its yolk. Eggs are also packed with sulfur that helps in collagen production as well as it also aids in detoxification of liver. For an average human, 2 eggs are recommended each day.


Pumpkin Seeds are packed with zinc that is a stimulant for the collagen production. Any food item that contains zinc actually slows down the breakage of collagen protein.

As for Chia Seeds, they are enriched with omega –fatty acids that are great for skin rejuvenation as well as hydrating the skin cells. This helps the skin become smooth and supple.

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