Common Myths About the Common Cold and Flu We Need to Stop Belie

Normally we all blame the ACs, the cold weather or the fast bowing winds for the Colds. Some of us also even believe that a normal person can catch a cold only once in a season. While some of us are also sure of this pseudo-scientific fact that we should take antibiotics to treat a cold from turning into flu.

Today after reading our article, you are not going to believe any of these myths about cold and flu.

A cold can turn into the flu

Cold and Flu virus are totally different things. This is why no one disease can turn into another. People who believe such thing are often confused by the early signs of these two diseases. You can tell a cold and flu apart from each with the following features.

  • A cold begins with a sore throat, headache, runny nose, and a fever. Whereas flu is accompanied by fever, headache, muscle aches and soreness that attacks the body quickly.
  • In case of cold, body temperature does not rise that high. In the case of flu, the temperature can start from 100 degrees to above.
  • Sneezing is a symptom of Cold. In the flu, a person does not sneeze much.

You can treat a cold with antibiotics


Antibiotics are for bacterial diseases not for viral diseases like flu and cold. In fact, the antibiotics only make these viral diseases progress faster in the body.

Taking antibiotics in flu or cold cases causes the immune system to be weak in which viruses thrive better.

You should always stay in bed

Do not follow this myth at all, because if you stay in bed for too long with a cold, it can lead to you developing bronchitis or pneumonia. Blood circulation also seems to decrease. In these cases, you should do some light physical activity like walking.

Cold air can cause colds

Cold air

A person can only get cold or flu if they come in contact with the virus; not the cold wind. It also won’t matter as to if you are wearing a hat or a muffler. Usually, in dry weather or windy conditions, the mucous membrane in the nose is dried off which makes the body more susceptible to viruses of cold and flu.

If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold

Not the wet hairs, the wind or the rain is the cause of catching flu or cold. Contracting a virus of the disease is the main reason and these viruses can survive on the following.

  • Indoor surface for more than 7 days
  • Clothes, upholstery, and paper for 12 hours
  • Hands for a few minutes
  • Door handles for 6 hours

It is still not a great idea to go out with wet hairs, as it will weaken your immune system making your body more vulnerable to diseases.

A cold can be cured in 1 day


The most popular myth that many of us believe is that if you take a pill, the cold or flu can be treated in one day.

However, this is one of the most absurdly dangerous myths about cold and flu ailments. The human body needs time to recover from any harmful disease. Taking drugs to treat an illness only alleviates the symptoms but they also affect the heart and can be really dangerous in the long term.

Be vigilant against the drugs that contain Paracetamol as their excessive dose can lead to liver failure.

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