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Commonly eaten Food Combinations that are actually harmful for health

There are some obvious food combinations that even kips know to avoid like eating beans and drinking soda on top. But at the same time there are some lesser-known but common food combinations that we all eat in our daily life which are actually harmful to our health.

After discussion with many dieticians, we came up with an amazing list of commonly eaten food combinations that are actually harmful to health.

Sandwich + Coffee

Sandwiches with coffee are the easy on the go solution for a breakfast if you are in a hurry. However, the carbohydrates in the bread prevent the cheese of the sandwiches to get properly digested. This sort of indigestion can cause certain cardiovascular and nervous system problems. Similarly bringing coffee into the mix just makes the whole point of having a breakfast pointless.

If you still love to have cheese sandwiches in breakfast, replace coffee with either green or white tea.

Cucumbers + Tomatoes

Cucumbers + Tomatoes

Cucumber and tomato salad is actually the most eaten salad during the summer time due to the rich water content in both vegetables. However, according to scientists, mixing these two foods can actually cause certain problems in the neural pathways of the human body that can cause conditions such as swelling and calcinations. Also, the vitamins in them will also not be properly digested by the human body.

It is best to eat tomatoes and cucumbers individually like one day a person can eat tomatoes wit greens and the next day a cucumber salad.

Meat + Potatoes

Steak with fries is one of the irresistible food combinations but still this is one bad food combination. Potatoes have starch in them that needs alkalotic digestive fluids for proper digestion while the mat requires acidic fluids for proper digestion. But when both of them are eaten together, the digestive system goes into array and thus causes conditions like belching, gas, heartburn and much more.

The best side dishes for meats are nonstarchy vegetables such as the broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and green beans.

Minced Meat + Pasta

Minced Meat + Pasta

The above-mentioned case also occurs with a combination of pasta and minced meat. The salivary glands in tongue convert the starch carbs in the pasta into simple sugars. When these simple sugars cover the minced meat proteins, it causes the production of dangerous chemicals that can lead to conditions like CVDs and diabetes.

The best way to avoid this problem is to eat pasta individually by combining it with herbal spices.

Milk + Banana

The banana and milk combination has become fairly popular and widely used one in the last few decades but dieticians actually disagree from the nutritional value of it.  Dieticians say that sweet fruits are to be eaten alone because they tend to remain in the body for long period of time and thus can cause the digestion process to slow down. When banana is eaten with milk it slows the digestion process considerably. It is best to eat banana first and wait for at least 15 minutes before drinking milk.

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