Different Types of Body Fat and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Nowadays there are literally hundreds and thousands of ways that a person can find to help them get rid of the excess fat deposits on their bodies. However, the fact to note here is that a method that can help one person is usually useless for another one. This normally happens because we fail to determine the different body types and that is why this leads to the lack of understating as to why our body gains weight.

According to researchers, there are normally 6 different types of body fats based on the location where they normally accumulate.

Today we have created a list of the most effective ways to help you lose that fat for nearly every body type.

Full upper body fat

This fat type normally accumulates in a person’s body when they consume more calories as compared to what they burn. The main reason for this fat type is overeating and inactivity.

You can get rid of following the following ways.

  • Perform aerobic exercises as this fat is caused by lack of physical activity. You can help get rid o this fat by either swimming or running for 30 minutes each day.
  • One other method is to stop consuming refined sugar along with other sugar-based beverages. They do not give a sense of fullness to the stomach and also cause the body to have unnecessary calories.

Lower abdomen fat

Lower abdomen fat

This fat usually accumulates in this particular body region due to stress, depression and anxiety issues.

Follow these ways to get rid of this fat type.

  • Avoid stress causing situations and learn to relax often. Cortisol the stress hormone accumulates fat in the belly. H best way to avoid stress is to learn meditation or breathing exercises.
  • One great fat burner is Green Tea. It not only burns fat but also makes a person calm.

Lower body fat

One main reason that person is having significantly bigger things than their whole body is that they have gluten in their diet. One great alternative to counter this fat type is to start eating a gluten-free diet.

Follow these other effective ways to help burn this fat type.

  • Take walk up hills and stairs. It will not only help burn the fat in thighs but also tone those leg muscles.
  • Do not make a habit of skipping breakfast. When a person skips breakfast they are forcing themselves to remain hungrier for the rest of the day. This will make you end up eating more.

Swollen stomach

Swollen stomach

One main reason for the swollen stomach type fat is the excessive alcohol consumption. This makes the belly swollen. In addition to stat regulating your drinking habits follow these ways.

  • Cut back on alcohol as calories from alcohol tend to accumulate as fat in the belly. It also causes many other serious health problems.
  • Divide your daily meal rations into smaller portions and eat throughout the day. It will boost your metabolism and allow your body to maintain energy.

Lower body fat, including lower legs

This body fat is common in the women who suffer from veiny leg problems or swollen legs due to many health reasons. To get rid of it, follow these ways.

  • First off, avoid eating salty foods to stop the swelling from progressing. Salt causes the body to retain fluids that cause swelling.
  • Do not sit in a place for more than 30 minutes. Try to either stand-up or start walking for a few minutes. If you can, try to lie down with your legs elevated to stop the fluid retention in the legs.

Large stomach with upper back fat


One main reason for this fat type is physical inactivity. If you feel troubled by your large stomach or back fat deposits, start doing exercising. In addition, follow these effective ways as well.

  • Make sure to get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to hormonal imbalance and thus it can increase your appetite. This will lead to a person eating more food than normal and that food getting accumulated in form of fat, mostly in the back and belly area.
  • Add foods to your diet that enriched with fiber. This not only helps reduction of appetite but also calorie absorption from the food eaten.

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