Doctors Recommend Doing These Things to Parents for Their Child’s Health

Did you know that giving a massage to a premature baby has been proven to have miraculous effects on its health and also helps them to leave the hospital much sooner than they have to?  As per many studies, it has been proven, that babies who received the regular massage therapy, they tend to develop rather quickly with their immune system getting ameliorated faster and their overall health getting improvement significantly. Still, this massage is only one of the many things that parents can do to help their children’s health to get better.

Today we have selected a list of things recommended by doctors for parents to do these things to improve the health of their child.

Reflexology to provide stress relief

Among the mothers across the globe, there is one natural instinct and that is to massage their child’s feet in rubbing motions when their child feels uneasiness. What you might not know is that the child also responds well toward this therapy of reflexology. A gentle rubbing massage on the feet of babies can help to relax them and have a sound sleep as compared to their normal daily routine.

How to perform the rubbing on feet:

  • Warm the area of the feet by rubbing the feet gently.
  • After the feet feel a little bit warm, start the massage in a smooth manner and then see how the child responds to it.

This massage can be used on a daily basis many times a day to help provide stress relief for the child.

Caressing and touching for mental health

Any parent would love to caress their child whether they want to or not as it is the basic parental instinct. Now as it turns out, this caressing and touching have also proven to be great for a child’s mental health.  A study conducted proved that children, who were nurtured up with a lot of caressing and touching from their parents, grew up to have improved mental functions as adults. The reason is that by the continuous caressing neuronal connections tend to get stronger.

Professor of Child Psychiatry, MD. Joan L. Luby says, “A child with a hippocampus 10 percent larger than the other child gives the concrete proof that nurturing a child does have powerful effects.”

Massage to give relaxation & better health

While massage is a great way for adults to relieve their stress, it seems that it also has the same stress-relieving effect for infants as well. Massaging a child makes them feel tender and secure and is very beneficial for the child who suffers from conditions like constipation, colic, cramps, and gas. Massage helps to lower down their stress levels. Daily massage has been proven to cause increased bone and growth development in premature children.

How to do a massage on a child:

  • Start by rubbing the body of the child slowly and in a gentle manner from the tip of the head to the toe.
  • Now turn the baby over and then massage their back in the same manner gently.
  • It is best if you talk with your child during this massage and maintain an eye contact. This causes the child to feel relaxed and secure.
  • Repeat this massage if the baby likes it, even several times a day. To increase the benefits, massage the body with some oil. A tip here is to test the allergic reaction or sensitivity of the oil on the child’s skin.

Tummy time to help with stronger muscles

Tummy Time does not only look like a great parent-child moment, it is also really essential for the baby’s health. The tummy time helps the baby to develop stronger body muscles. This results in the crawling and the sitting phases to be easier for the child as it grows older.

How to do the Tummy Time:

  • You can start by placing the baby on your chest with their back upward. You can even place the child on your chest even after it is just born.
  • Start increasing the time a child spends on its belly in short periods of time. But be sure of being careful of your child at all times.
  • After some time, the baby will now be eager to do some activity on the floor. Lie down a towel or a mat first on the ground and let them lie on their bellies.

White noise & Vibrations to help calm the baby down

White noise devices and vibrations have proven to have soothing effects for crying babies buy making them fall asleep faster and for longer periods of time. Common things that can be useful for such effects are the dryers and washing machines. The static sounds coming from these appliances are the same for babies as they use to hear when they were in their mother’s womb.

Drive the baby in a car to help it sleep

Driving the child to help it get fall sleep actually has been proven to work and n fact should be done more than often. The motion of the car works as if a lullaby because it has the same motion as the babies felt when they were inside the womb. This results in them feeling secure as if they were once in the belly of their mother.

The sound of a car’s engine is white noise and this muffled noise is a sound like in the mother’s womb.

Baking soda mixture to help treat bug and mosquito bites

During the season of summer, mosquitoes and other bugs tend to get really hell-bent on biting any creature and especially can be deadly for the infants. Even if your child has suffered these mosquito bites, then you can treat the itch with the water and baking soda mixture. The alkaline nature of the Baking Soda helps to neutralize the swelling which is acidic in nature.

  • Simply mix a tbsp of baking soda in water and make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on the bitten area of your child and let it do its work.
  • After few minutes, wipe the paste off with cotton.

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