Drooling In Sleep And How To Stop it

Drooling is a process of the human body that when the excess saliva accumulates in the mouth, then it comes out of the mouth. It happens at least once with every person. While drooling is common a condition called Drooling in Sleep can be the starting sign for the development of a disease or a bodily malfunction.

Today for our readers we are going to let them know about drooling in sleep and how to stop it.

Clearing the sinuses

One main cause for drooling in sleep is the blockage in the nose. This causes a person to breathe through the mouth in sleep that can cause drooling. Simply cleaning the sinuses can relive a person from this problem. In order to clear the sinuses, we offer some of the following ways.

  • Taking a hot shower  before going to bed
  • Massage of essential oils like Eucalyptus before going to bed
  • Applying predicts like Vick’s vapor rub also help clear the sinuses

Change in sleeping position

This treatment might sound a little obvious, but it is very effective. If a person sleeps on their back, the salvia in their mouth will stay inside the mouth instead of dripping out on the pillow.

For those who sleep on either their side or on their belly; they often experience drooling in sleep. Best way to keep yourself in a stable straight position is to tuck one’s self.

Checking the Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is one of the major neurological diseases that do not let a person breath smoothly while sleeping. This condition often causes a person to have interrupted sleep along with often waking up in the middle of the night while feeling tired and drowsy throughout the day.

Drooling and apnea are often correlated so if you have the suspicion of sleep apnea then you should get yourself checked from a physician in detail.

Losing weight

Extra weight is also the cause of many underlying diseases and that also involves sleep apnea which in turn leads to drooling sleep.

Use of special devices

After you get yourself with a good doctor, they will recommend you proper sleeping devices for the mouth like a Chin guard. These devices help a person to have reduced drooling in sleep.

Taking the right medication

For those who are taking some sort of medication, they should check if they are causing drooling in sleep or not. For example, taking some antibiotics can be the case for hypersalivation.  

Last Resort: Surgery

As a last resort to problems like Sleep Apnea and the drooling in sleep, doctors recommend the patient for surgery. In this surgery, certain glands are removed and is only taken as a last resort when a risk of neurological disease is present behind the seemingly harmless hypersalivation.

Surgery, in this case, is the last resort because a doctor first tries all the non-surgical options to reduce the problem.

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