Early Signs of Body Lacking In Vitamin C

One of the essentials vitamins to keep the body healthy and maintain proper functioning is Vitamin C. A human body needs to have adequate amount of it every day because it does not stay in the human body for very long as compared to other vitamins.

Deficiency of the vitamin C in body can cause it to have troubled symptoms as well as have poor life quality. Still, these effects are reversible if a person adds enough amount of Vitamin C in their body through diet alone.

Below we have listed a few of the possible early signs of the body lacking in Vitamin C which you should keep an eye for.

Swollen and Often Bleeding gums

The one thing that Vitamin C is crucial for is the health of gums. If a person does not have an adequate intake of vitamin C on a daily basis, they are likely to develop gingivitis.

If a person thins that they take good care of their teeth and overall oral hygiene but still suffer from swollen and the bleeding gums, they should try to increase their Vitamin C intake.

The recommended dose of Vitamin C for an adult male is about 90 mg while for female it is about 75 mg. for smokers, an additional 35 mg of the dosage is recommended as well.

Suffering from Bruises easily and longer time for them to heal


For those of you who often get bruised even with mild traumas, then your body lack of vitamin C. this condition is still reversible if a person starts to eat lots of vegetables and citrus fruits on daily basis. In addition to this, if the cuts and scratches take too long time to heal, then this might also be due to lack of Vitamin C. the body requires collagen to heal the old skin and make the new skin and that can only be provided by vitamin C.

Hairs getting Brittle and falling easily

For the females who are experiencing that their hairs are getting brittle and are experiencing breakage and hair loss, then there is the likely chance they are affected form Vitamin C deficiency. We give a little tip to such ladies that before even reverting to buying expensive hair products, try adding foods that are enriched with Vitamin C like kiwi and broccoli.

There is no need to take medicinal supplements of Vitamin C as most natural foods have an ample amount of Vitamin C in them.

Joint Pain

One of the most common signs of Vitamin C deficiency is joint pain. The reason is that Vitamin C happens to be an antioxidant which fights off the oxidative stress of the body.  Having a lack of it causes the joints to be inflammation and thus causing joint aches. So, it is a good idea to start incorporating the Vitamin C rich foods in your diet from this day forth.

Getting Sick quite often

Vitamin C deficiency also causes the body’s immune system to be damaged and as a result, a person gets quite often sick with common illnesses like colds, flu, and infections. Vitamin C is responsible for the creation of White Blood Cells, the main fighting force of the body to fight off the common infectious diseases as well as the foreign invaders.

A person who is ill quite often has a weakened immune system and they can give it a boost by increasing their vitamin C intake.

Gaining weight for no clear reason

For the ones who have suddenly starting to see a sudden weight gain without any major change in their lifestyle then it must be due to body lacing in vitamin C deficiency. Researchers have been made that show a relationship between low levels of Vitamin C and the increased body fat which normally appears around abdominal region.

Vitamin C helps the body to burn its fat speedily. So if you want to lose weight, start that kale salad in the lunch.

Fatigued and feeling sleepy in the daytime

Have you ever experienced the often feeling of sleepiness and fatigue during the day time even after having a good night sleep?  If so, then you are suffering from lack of Vitamin C. Fatigue has been linked with low levels of Vitamin C in the human body and lack of it causes the body to remain tired., it can only be fixed after adjusting the daily intake of Vitamin C.

Refrain from relying on dozens of cups of coffee a day to keep you energized and awake, instead try to eat kiwi or avocado in the day.

Skin becomes dull and dry

Lie we have stated earlier, the skin needs ample production of collagen to keep the skin healthy fresh and heal the damage done over it. And the production of collagen is greatly affected by the levels of Vitamin C in the human body. If a person suffers from Vitamin C deficiency, then there is a high chance that their skin will appear dry and dull along with wrinkles all over it.

This is the main treason that a wide range of expensive skin based products have Vitamin C as the main ingredients in them.

Frequent Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are in general, not a bad thing for the body but if a person experiences them quite frequently, then it might be due to lack of vitamin C. nose is a part of the human body that ahs a network of really small blood vessels and Vitamin C is the only thing that keeps them strong. If these vessels do not get Vitamin C and become weak, it causes frequent nosebleeds.

Nails becoming thin and weak

Vitamin C istle is not only an essential substance for the human body; it also adds the other minerals and substances for the body like it adjusting the body’s ability absorb iron. If a human body lacks vitamin C then this can lead to Anemia cased by Iron deficiency and this in turn leads to brittle nails.

If you have tired those expensive nail strengtheners but still do not see the effective results then the problem is most likely due to the vitamin C deficiency and can be treated with adjusting one’s dietary lifestyle.

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