Easy remedy tips to make your feet look perfect

Closeup attractive young woman cutting her feet nails. Health care and beauty concept.

Amongst the most common problems of feet; fungal infections, cracked heels and ingrown toe nails are some of the biggest problems that majority of people nowadays face, no matter the gender difference.

These along with many other conditions result in fatigue and pain that tends to make our feet unhealthy as well as unattractive.

However many of these foot problems can be treated easily by using easy to make home remedies.

Today we have studied a number of helpful foot care tips and decided to share our knowledge with our beloved readers. So scroll down to look at these easy remedy tips to make your feet look perfect

Getting rid of the Toe Nail Fungus naturally:-

There are two popular remedies for that purpose.

Nail Fungus
  • One of the best home remedies to get rid of toenail fungus is to use the Apple Cider Vinegar which has natural antibacterial properties. There are many methods to use for this purpose. One method is to mix equal mounts o both water and AVC and make an antifungal soak. Dip your feet in this solution for half an hour and after hat dry them with a dry towel.
  • Lavender is another common toe nail fungal treatment. Apply the Lavender essential oil on the affected toenails every night right before you sleep. To prevent the oil rubbing off during sleep, wear the socks. Continue this treatment for few months and the fungus will be completely gone.

DIY Foot Scrub:-

DIY Foot Scrub

You can make a DIY Foot scrub at home with common items like sea salt, sugar, coconut milk, olives and essential oils. Just make a mixture by mixing appropriate amount of these items and massage your feet with a soft scrub. These will act as an exfoliant for the skin and make it appear healthy and radiant.  Particularly, after a long working day, a scrub of this feet scrub is the best remedy to relive the pain.

Get rid of the Cracked Heels:-

Cracked Heels

One of the common natural remedies for cracked heels include applying Honey over them. Honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. You can both use honey as a scrub or a foot mask, the way you like it. There is no need to mix any other thing in it.

Coconut Oil; the natural Foot Moisturizer:-

Coconut Oil

Instead of using over the counter moisturizers for feet, try using some natural alternative. One of the best natural moisturizers is Coconut Oil. You can use coconut oil alone or can add to its benefit by adding in some sugar or sea salt to make a DIY foot scrub. Adding a few drops of essential oils is only extra beneficial.


Note to self, try avoiding application of the oil in between toes because excessive moisture in that area can lead to fungal and other foot infections.

Prevent the growth of ingrown Toe Nails:-

Closeup attractive young woman cutting her feet nails. Health care and beauty concept.

One of the leading causes for many of the foot problems is the “Ingrown Toe Nails”. These can happen due to a variety of ways, sty due to ill-fitting footwear and improper trimming of the toenails.

To prevent these you just need to trim the nails carefully, making sure to not cut the nails too short or making them even on the sides. Also wear socks, in which you can freely move your feet.

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