Eating These Foods At Wrong Time Can Actually Do More Harm Than

Last time we presented a list of foods that pone should eat only at a proper time because otherwise eating them would do simply more harm than good.  

Now we are back with some more of such foods that can do harm when eaten at the wrong time in our article titled, “eating these foods at the wrong time can actually do more harm than good (part 2)”.



Nuts are not only a great source for having all the healthy calories and fats; they also make up for a very great snack. However, to eat them as a snack during the night can actually be a little harmful to health. The thing is you can eat them at night but just not too much as they take a lot more time for getting digested by the digestive system and thus will cause a problem in a person’s sleeping pattern.

Nuts should best be eaten during breakfast or as a type of snack in between lunch and breakfast. This way it will provide the body with an adequate amount of energy and also give the stomach a sense of satiety.

High-fat cheese

Eating toast with high-fat cheese might be a little tempting before going to bed but it can have adverse effects on health. It is difficult to digest by the body and if eaten at night time it can cause the serious stomach discomforts that might hinder your sleep.

The best time to eat cheese is in breakfast when the body is required for some high energy food with lots of calcium content. This also aids in not only making the muscles strong but also to keep the bo0nes healthy.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

Many of the fitness aficionados believe that drinking freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice in the morning on an empty stomach is great for the body. Well, they could not be more wrong about this.  The thing is citrus fruits are acidic in nature and when drank right after a meal or an empty stomach, they can disrupt the digestive system by raising the acidic level of the stomach. This might result in conditions such as heartburn and acid reflux. In addition to these conditions, the citrus fruit stimulated acidity can also cause the stomach to experience a heavy feeling as well as reduced absorption of the nutrients.

It is best to wait a bit after a meal to drink your glass of citrus fruits but refrain from drinking it on an empty stomach.


Bens being enriched with fibers are a bad dish to eat in the night as they can lead to bloating as well as trouble in sleeping. Beans are the food items that are best to be eaten at either the lunchtime or during an early dinner.

Eating them at appropriate times causes the useful ingredients of the beans to be digested well.



Apple is the wonder fruit that is enriched with fibers and antioxidants that not only improve the overall immune system but also aid in the digestion process of the body. Still eating apples in the evening can cause the acid in apples to flow back and thus causing heartburn or acid reflux. It can also cause increased gas formation in the body and often trouble in bowel movements.

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