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Effective Beauty Tips to Achieve That Flawless Skin

While every female on this planet wants to have youthful skin and is willing to go to any length to achieve that goal. We see hundreds of thousands of women all around us that have that glowing flawless skin and we think what if we had that skin.  But one thing you don’t know is that youthful skin is not given to them as a gift by nature, instead, they have achieved it themselves with lots of care and a proper routine.

We have gone through a lot of beauty tips from all across the world and we have discovered some of the effective beauty tips to achieve that flawless skin. Now we would like to share these tips with our female readers.

Using the 4-2-4 method when washing

Using the 4-2-4 method when washing

The first tip is to make sue of the 4-2-4 method when washing and now you may ask what this 4-2-4 method is. This method includes applying the hydrophilic oils for 4 minutes on face and then applying a purifying cream on the skin for the next 2 minutes. After this is done, use another 4 minutes to rinse your skin with plain water. This is an effective cleansing method for the skin and is often described as the 2-stage Cleanse.

Making use of the Konjac sponge

For cleaning your skin effectively, you need to use a specially made sponge called the Konjac Sponge. This is a natural sort of sponge that has been created by using the roots of the plant named Konjac. Still, there are some rules to sue this sponge and the most important one is to put it in warm water for a few minutes prior to using. This will make the sponge soft and prevent it from causing itching on skin. Wring it out but let some water content in and now cleanse your face with it in only circular motions. The tip is to start using this sponge from the forehead and then move down to the chin area.

Having facial cleanse once a week

Having facial cleanse once a week

Asian women take much care of their facial skin than women of any other ethnicity or region. They have made a habit to do a facial cleanse at least once a week with a series of numerous beauty products that include things like creams, emulsions, serums, and essences. In total they make sue of 17 different beauty products to give proper care to skin.

The tip to apply so much beauty items on your skin is to first apply the products that have the light texture and after them come to the heavier ones. As for the thickest ones, they come in the last. By this method of application of beauty products, the skin is able to absorb large quantity of the restorative ingredients in such cosmetic products.

Using the SPF creams to protect the skin from UV radiations

Sunlight might be essential for your body but too much of it can be damaging for your skin as well. Always be vigilant against the Ultraviolet radiations of the sun. It is best to wear the sunglasses to protect your eyes and an umbrella over your head to protect your skin. There are also numerous SPOF creams available nowadays on any drug store or local shop that can effectively protect you from UV radiation.

Rice Water for beautiful skin

Rice Water for beautiful skin

For the past few centuries, the effects of rice water on facial beauty have been discovered and their use has been prevalent since then. Rice water is not only effective in increasing beauty for the skin but also for the hairs.

For those of you who want to attain a soft and pliable skin with an improved tone and color, you should start washing your face with the rice water on a regular basis. This miraculous water can also help women in conditioning their hairs. To get maximum effects of rice water, use it in to rinse your hairs after shampooing them.

Make Mint and green tea a staple in your cosmetic products

Green tea and the mint are the 2 ingredients that are essential for the care of your skin. The reason for making them a staple in your cosmetic kit is because they are added in artificially in nearly every face mask, emulsion, oil, infusion and anti-aging cream available in the market nowadays. And this is still not a complete list of their use.

If a person sues green and mint tea on a daily basis it can help their skin become healthier and also shinier than ever.

Make foam of your cosmetic products before use

Make foam of your cosmetic products before use

This tip is not only for women but also for men; do not rub the cosmetic products deep and directly on to your skin which is the softest of all the human organs. Any cosmetic product should be applied to the skin in only light dabs. These light dab application can help the blood flow in the skin to further strengthen and this causes the restorative process to further strengthen and increases the effects of rejuvenation.

These products can be used in their Foam form and for that, you only need to place them inside net bags that are designed specifically for these purposes.

Using oils

Oils are not only to be used on the face but on the whole body. The best oils to use for your beauty care are the organic ones like the following.

  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Olive oil

Learn about which oil is best for which part of the body alas they have different effects. Coconut oil is known for nurturing the skin naturally while olive oil has been known to give a person an even skin tone without damaging it.

Bonus: A skin whitening mask

Bonus: A skin whitening mask

For our readers, we have prepared a bonus Skin Whitening mask that will help you restore the natural glow skin. For making this mask, you will need the following ingredients.

  • Potato
  • Rice flour
  • Honey; 1tsp
  • Lemon juice; 3 tsp

To make this mask grate the potato and now with the help of a strainer; extract its juice. Add 2 tbsp of rice flour in a bowl and add in it 4 tsp of the potato juice and 1 tsp of honey and 3 tsp of lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients well and apply as a mask over the skin.  Let it sit for at least half an hour. After that time, gently massage this mask for 2 minutes and then rinse it off with only lukewarm water.

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