Effective Diets To Make You Fit in One Month

On the internet, a person can literally find hundreds of different diets but not all of them are effective. In fact, some of them can actually be harmful to health. For those who are looking for a diet that can provide them visible effect on their health in 1 month time, we recommend some of these following diets.

So scroll down to look at these effective diets to make you fit in one month.

A cyclical diet

The cyclic diet is not like other diets where a person should suddenly cut down on eating enough calories for a long time. In fact, this diet is designed to shock your body to save energy and slow down the metabolic rate.

Main Features:

The standard format for this diet is for 5 to 6 days of low carb diet accompanied by 1 to 2 days of high carb diet. This lead to a process called “Adaptive Thermogenesis” that slows down the process of the human body in order to survive while it starves. This cyclic diet activates this process to break the fat reserves in a person’s body.

Side Effects:

Not all diets are effective for anyone and this is the case for this diet as well. Some of the possible side effects of this diet are as follows.

  • Due to the low glucose level accompanied by high-intensity training can lead to heart diseases
  • Not recommended for people with the disease of kidneys, liver, and digestive problems.

The Perricone diet

A doctor named Nicholas Perricone who happens to be a nutritionist and a dermatologist coined this diet. The main components of this diet are fish oils that help a person’s skin to dramatically improve to slow down the aging process.

Main Features:

A person on this diet must eat high amounts of fish, protein, fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, a person should abstain from things like sauces, sweets, alcohol, and pastries.

These allowed food items should also be eaten in a certain following order.

  • First proteins
  • Second fiber
  • Third foods containing carbs

This order slows down sugar absorption that causes fat to accumulate.

Side effects:

So far no side effects of this diet have been reported.

The Paleolithic diet

Paleolithic Diet or also more commonly known as either Paleo diet or the Stone Age Diet was designed by a nutritionist from America named Loren Cordian. This diet includes a person eating food items that were available for consumption during the Paleolithic Era which mostly means hunted animals, plants and berries.

Main Features: 

A person on this diet should focus on non-processed meat along with vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, berries, and mushrooms. Avoid eating dairy products, grains sugar, sweets, and salt.

Side effects:

If a person stops taking dairy products in their diet it can lead to calcium, iron and magnesium deficiency. A large amount of meat consumption can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

The Atkins diet

The Atkins Diet is a high protein diet designed by a cardiologist named Robert Atkins.

Main Features:

A person following this diet must increase their protein intake while lowering carb consumption. Foods allowed include are eggs, chicken without the skin, low-fat fish and seafood, low-fat dairy products, hard cheese, and tofu. At the start of diet some products like fruit, sugar, legumes, grains, nuts, pasta, or sweet pastries, are strictly prohibited. However after the induction period is over, a person can slowly add these items back into their diet.

Side Effects:

A person should remain patient as this is not a balanced diet. Deficiency of carbs can lead to having problems like the following.

  • Headaches
  •  Fatigue
  •  Dizziness
  •  Constipation

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