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Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Sagging Eyelids

Sagging or drooping eyelids is the problem of the eyelids that might be a little bit more serious than it seems to be. While it might make a person suffering them appear older they also result in various eye diseases as well as deterioration of eyesight.

In order to prevent the eyes of our readers form getting eye-related problems caused by sagging eyelids, we have gathered a bunch of effective and easy to do home remedies.

So without any further wait, have a read of these effective home remedies to get rid of Sagging eyelids.

Chamomile tea bags

Chamomile tea bags

Chamomile has natural anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to be an excellent ingredient for treating sagging eyelids.

After having a refreshing cup of chamomile tea, do not throw away those chamomile tea bags but instead place them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Afterward, place these tea bags over your closed eyes and enjoy the refreshing feeling along with getting rid of the inflammation causing the eyelids to sag.

Egg whites

Egg whites

Egg whites have been sued in various skin treatments due to their ability to make the skin tight and firm. The same ingredient can also be used to treat the skin around eyelids but before using this remedy makes sure the eyelids are both dry and clean.

Apply a little amount of this egg white over the skin of eyelids and then let them dry off on their own.  Afterward, rinse the egg white off with cold water. The results will be prominent almost instantly.


Sometimes the eyelids start to sag off due to the blood vessels around them being more relaxed and having increased blood circulation. Applying ice over the eyelids cause these arteries to be constricted and have reduced blood flow which in turn leads to lessened eyelid sagging.

Eat grapes

Eat grapes

Grapes have a compound in them that has natural properties of slowing down the natural aging process of the human body on a cellular level. Simply adding an adequate amount of grapes in your daily diet can help a person appear younger than they really are.


The remedy we present now is amongst a few of the well-known ones and it includes the food item Cucumber.  Cucumbers are packed with ascorbic acid as well as caffeic acid that causes the inflammation of the skin to be reduced along with tightening the skin.

Simply cut off two thing pieces of cucumber and place them over the closed eyes for half an hour. Afterward, simply remove the pieces and rinse off with normal water. The results will be evident in a few days.



There is also the following exercise to treat the sagging eyelid condition.

  • Close the eyes and place the index finger over each eyelid
  • Now lift up your elbows while pressing the eyelids and count to 5
  • While counting, apply a little pressure over the eyelids
  • After counting to 5, with fingers still placed and pressure being applied, try to open the eyes
  • Repeat this process at least 10 times each day

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