Effective remedies for treating Itchy Ears

To be suffering from a constant itch in the ear that cannot be settled with scratching, no matter how long, can be really annoying. It keeps the focus of a person from other tasks.

The human ear is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and even small changes can lead to itchy ears. Normally person suffering from itchy ears scratch the ears from inside by probing their fingers or other tools. Forcefully inserting such tools in a sensitive area such as ears can result in serious conditions like skin ruptures as well as scraping.

For our readers, we have gathered a list of effective remedies for treating itchy ears, without causing any harm to the skin.


Sometimes itchy ears are caused right after a bath or swimming.  In these cases, water enters in the ear canal and lodges there. To treat this case, there is only one way; let the gravity treat it on its own.

  • Simply tilt the side of the head with the affected ear
  • Gently place a clean finger in the ear
  • Now try creating a vacuum to dislodge this fluid
  • Clean the fluid discharge with the help of a clean cloth or a cotton ball

Warm Water

Sometimes, itch in the eras can be caused by excessive wax buildup. To treat such cases of itchy ears, the warm water is the optimum remedy. For this remedy, follow the following steps.

  • Fill up a rubber syringe with lukewarm water
  • Put your head in the upright position and pull out the affected ear gently to let the ear canal straighten out
  • Gently pour the small amount of warm water through the syringe
  • Let it sit for 1 minute and then drain the water out by tilting the affected ear parallel to the ground
  • Perform the remedy for the other ear in the same manner

Valsalva Maneuver

One of the most effective remedies or methods to remove the clogged water from ears is the Valsalva Maneuver. The method not only provides relief from stiffness but also the pain of the ear. It also reduces the itching of the ears.

  • Close the mouth and also pinch both of your nostrils with fingers and take a deep breath
  • After that blow the air out still pinching the nostrils to create air pressure.  If the maneuver is done perfectly, a popping sound will be heard.

Hydrogen Peroxide

One method to teat itchy ears caused by excessive wax build ups is to use hydr0ogen peroxide to clean the ear canal. Many of the ear drops also have hydrogen peroxide in their composition as the main ingredient. Hydrogen Peroxide results in the wax to get dilute and bubble up and then out of the ear on its own.

  • Mix water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts
  • Fill this solution in an ear dropper
  • Pour some drops of the solution in the affected ear by tilting your head.
  • Keep your head tilted in the same position for a few minutes
  • Now tilt to the opposite side and the fluid will drain out
  • Wipe off the earwax residue with a clean piece of cloth
  • Perform this method likewise on the other ear

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