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Effective Solutions To Stop Snoring In Sleep

Did you know that snoring is the third most common cause for divorce cases in the USA and Great Britain?

Yes, this is that much of a big problem in our daily lives. For those of our readers who snore or those who share a bed with those who snore; we have today gathered some of the trick and tips that effective in overcoming this habit.

Sleep on your side

If a person sleeps on their back, the base of tongue and soft palate collapses onto the back wall of the throat. This causes an obstruction in breathing which leads to a person making snoring sounds. If a person sleeps on their side, It will keep their throat open and there is a great chance that snoring will disappear altogether.

Try losing weight

This is quite similar to the previous point. For the overweight people, the lungs and neck block the air passage that results in snoring. Being overweight is not only a cause for snoring; it can also lead to a person having Sleep Apnea.

Try blowing your nose before going to sleep

Berating through the mouth is the most often cause of snoring. A person should try to breathe from their nose. For this air-breathing way, it is recommended that you should not only blow your nose well but also use some nasal sprays to clear the airways before going to sleep.

Use nose strips

For those who suffer from nasal congestion, they should try using the Nasal Strips that help to lift and open up the nasal passages. They also improve breathing and also reduce and ultimately eliminate the snoring problem.

Cure the Nasal Conditions

If the above sated snoring remedies are not working out for you, then you should go see a doctor. A few other nasal conditions that can lead to you having a snoring problem might be as follows.

  • Crooked Septum
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Cysts

Natural Remedies:-

There are numerous natural anti-histamines that help cure the snoring. One of them is Nettles; to use it just brew some of the dried leave of it in 2 cups of water by boiling it for 15 minutes. Drink this tea regularly before bedtime.

Another great bedtime tea for curing the snoring is Gargling Mint Tea.

Clean your house well

One of the main causes of snoring is Allergies. This is why it is important for those with dust allergies to clean their house well and especially their bedroom.

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