Effective Things To Help Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain

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Wisdom Teeth can be a cause of intense pain. The thing that makes it worse is that they serve no real purpose. Many of you might not believe it, but these little teeth in the back do not grow in every human being’s mouth. There are a few lucky people around you, who do not have to go through the intense pain of having wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth also better known as “Third Molars” only got the name Wisdom Teeth because they grow at an age in between 18 to 25 years.

Today we want to give some natural remedies for those readers of pours who suffer from this pain caused by the growth of Wisdom Teeth.

So scroll down to look at these effective things to help stop the pain from Wisdom Teeth.

Warm salt water

Salt is a natural disinfectant. If you suffer the pain of wisdom teeth growth, simply mix some salt in lukewarm water and rinse your mouth with it. This will provide instant relief from a toothache.

This remedy is suggested by doctors as first aid. A person must rinse their mouth for few minutes and repeat this process 4 to 5 times a day.

Baking soda paste

Baking soda paste

Along with pain from the wisdom tooth growth, comes the intense swelling of the mouth. To help you in this swelling phase, baking soda is the only solution.

Add some baking soda to regular toothpaste and apply it directly on to the wisdom tooth. It will provide the relief from pain and swelling in few minutes.

Applying ice

We all know that when it comes to getting relief from swelling, ice is the first thing. Just place an ice pack on the side of the cheek which is aching from wisdom tooth growth. Place the ice pack for 15 minutes on and off and repeat this process several times a day whenever a person feels the acute pain. The method is helpful in getting rid of both inflammation and swelling.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract

In addition to making yummy tasty bakery items, Vanilla Extract has several other properties as well. It is also a great remedy for a wisdom toothache.

Pour some drops of vanilla extract on a cotton swab and keep it on the wisdom tooth for 15 minutes. Relax for few minutes as the pain will slowly start to dissipate.

Tea bags

There are numerous methods to help ease the pain from wisdom tooth using Tea Bags. Black Tea is usually the commonly recommended one. The warmth from tea bag helps reduce the swelling and placing it directly over the wisdom tooth gives relief from pain.

The tea bags, in them, have Tannic Acid that helps reduce the inflammation.

Turmeric mouthwash

Turmeric mouthwash

Turmeric is another great product known for its antiseptic characteristics. This is why it is normally recommended for the relief of pain caused by Wisdom Tooth. This ingredient is also mentioned in the ancient “Ayurveda” for its healing, analgesic and antibacterial qualities.

Simply add some pinches of turmeric in water and use this as a mouth wash.


Peppermint is normally recommended for Sore Throat. The ingredient is not only helpful in getting rid of the pain but also leaves behind a nice aroma to let you forget the troubles associated with wisdom tooth pain.

If you suffer from wisdom tooth pain, just place some leaves on the affected tooth for 15 minutes. Peppermint oil can also be applied over the wisdom tooth for an equal pain relief effect.

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