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Effective Tips to Prevent the Blood Clots and It Might Save Your Life

With the habit of sitting too much in front of the TVs or the computers these days, most of us are putting ourselves t risk of developing blood clots in or body and especially in our legs. Sometimes these clots tend to also form or travel to the lungs and the heart through blood vessels and can result in serious medical conditions. There is not much to do to prevent these blood clots from forming. All you need to do is to make positive life choices such as watching what you eat, what you do or what you wear each day. Taking a note of all your daily lifestyle habits and making minor changes in them can lead to a reduced risk of developing blood clots.

Fortunately for our readers, we have done the work of figuring out the things that can increase the chance of blood clot formation. We have also laid down the effective tips to prevent the blood clots and it might save your life.

Wear clothing that has loose-fitting to not cause tightness on the blood vessels

The first tip here is related to what you wear. It is recommended to start wearing clothes that have loose-fitting instead of tight ones. This is because loose clothes promote healthy blood circulation in the body. Due to the most blood clots being formed in the legs, it is recommended to stop wearing the skinny jeans as they constrict the blood vessels. Try wearing some flowy sweatpants or trousers. They are also much more comfortable to wear than jeans.

Taking an Epson salt-infused bath

There are a lot of baths with many different types of ingredients mixed in to increase their effectiveness. One such bath is the Epson salt-infused bath. This bath tends to promote healthy blood circulation along with providing a relaxing effect on the whole body. So next time, if you plan to take a bath try to have an Epsom Salt one instead of the bubbly one.

Doing workouts of High Intensity

One thing that can prevent the blood clots to be prevented is to remain active and refrain from sitting too long on one spot. For achieving both these goals, you can do the workout and particularly the high-intensity workout which is performed in rapid bursts. Not only is this HIIT training going to keep you fit, but it will also promote the healthy flow of blood in the body.

On long drives, stop after every 2 hours and perform light stretches

Nowadays, everyone has a means of transportation or another and waling to reach your workplace seems like a thing of the past. Most people nowadays have jobs in one part of the city while living in another part of the city and their drives often take hours both in the day and at night. Other than that, if you plan a vacation with the family, you also take the family car and the longer one drives, the more they are at risk of developing blood clots.

To prevent the blood clots formed due to driving, it is necessary to take a rest after every 2 hours of driving and performing light stretches on the whole body. It will also be a great way to enjoy the scenery once in a while.

Eating foods that act as blood thinners

There are many pharmaceutical blood thinners that doctors recommend to those who have blood clots. But what you might not know is that there are some natural blood thinners as well. They are the food times such as raw garlic, gingko, and turmeric. Adding any of these in your daily diet can reduce the risk of developing blood clots.

These ingredients also add a certain taste to the food and have numerous positive health benefits.

Flexing and twisting ankles and toes

For most of us, every day means sitting in one place for a long time doing work. This tends to weaken the flow of blood to our legs. In case walking is not an option for you at your place of work, then you can do simple exercises like twisting the ankles, flexing the feet or wiggling the toes to promote some blood circulation. It might not be much, but hey, it’s still better than nothing.

Wearing compression stockings

For those who know that they have poor blood circulation, then your right choice might be to wear compression stockings. They are available in a lot of colors and sizes these days and also are great to improve blood flow for the legs during the day time.

Even doctors recommend their patients who suffer from blood clots or poor blood circulation to wear these compression stockings.

Massaging Helichrysum oil on the skin

We already told you that there are some natural blood thinners and Helichrysum flower is one of them. It is a yellow flower that works as an anti-inflammatory agent as well which makes it great for preventing blood clots.

Applying only a few drops of this oil in certain areas of the body with poor blood circulation can help a lot.

Lifting legs above the heat level every day

This tip is really simple and even feels a little childish but is equally effective as the rest of the tips we explained above.

Start by lying down on a bed or on a floor and lift your legs above your head leaning against the wall. Legs should be lifted at least 6 inches above the heart level. After spending a busy day that involves a lot of sitting or standing straight can be effective in causing the blood to flow that is stuck in your legs and feet.

Refrain from crossing the legs

Sitting by crossing both legs is a habit that is much common in women than in men.  This habit actually puts women at increased risk of developing blood clots. Women should avoid sitting in the leg-crossing position for longer periods of time. It is recommended by experts to try switching your sitting position quite often while refraining to place any excessive pressure on the legs. A good sitting posture is the one that makes a person feel relaxed and comfortable.

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