Effective Ways For Improving One’s Hearing

At one point in life, you start to realize that you are getting old when you often start to raise the volume on the appliances as you experience trouble in listening or ask the people around you to speak up loudly. Actually, aging is not the only factor that causes a problem with hearing, the other one is noise.

When a person grows older, the ears, which have tiny hair follicles, start to break off and thus making a person unable to pick up on the minute sound vibrations like they once used to. These hair follicles also get damaged due to exposure to the loud excessive noise.

Fortunately for those who are experiencing troubles just now, we have gathered up some of the effective ways for improving one’s hearing.

Avoiding loud noises

The first tip to prevent as well as improve the loss of hearing due to noise exposure is to stay away from the noise. This raises a question as to how much noise is too much for the human ear. This is a subjective thing and can be best explained with the following conditions.

  •  A person needs to raise their voice In order for speaking with others or to make others hear him.
  • A person finds it difficult to hear what others around him are saying.
  • A person’s ears start to hurt under the noise.
  • A person experiences muffled hearing or their ears have ringing sounds.

A sound that is recorded at the above ark of 85 decibels is damaging for ears. The technology is really helpful in this regard as now you can download an app on the phone to measure the noise level and get accurate readings about the noise levels in your surroundings to avoid exposure.

Taking caution when listening to music

One of the most prevalent causes of hearing loss in the younger generation is listening to music through earphones and headphones in loud volumes. This is because when a person puts over a headphone, they are actually also muting the outside noise which results in the music volume to be played at its highest. To avoid hearing loss from loud music, even if a person turns the volume down a tiny bit, it can have positive effects.

To prevent ear damage when hearing through headphones, we recommend the following tips.

  • Choose to buy and wear noise-canceling headphones or earphones instead of raising volumes to raise the volume of the music.
  • Only listen to the volume level on which the music can be heard comfortably.
  • Try to restrict playing music only at about 60 percent of the total volume.
  • Avoid using headphones or earphones for more than 1 hour and if you cannot do that, at least take a break of 10 minutes to relax your ears.

Protecting one’s ears when on a loud event

When a person often gets exposed to loud noises, they start to lose their hearing without them even realizing it. The reason for this is because the damage from loud noise exposure occurs gradually and until the symptoms of it become prominent, it will remain unnoticeable. Often loud noise exposure can lead to serious ear conditions like Tinnitus, which causes buzzing, roaring, or even ringing sounds in ears and head. This can ultimately lead to permanent hearing loss.

If you must have to attend an event where there is a loud noise, experts recommend the use of ear protection. Most of these places with loud noises are concerts, roadwork, nightclubs, sporting events, etc. For these events, we recommend the use of the following tips.

  • Steer clear from the source of the loud noise.
  • Take a break from the loud noise event every 15 minutes if you plan on staying there for long.
  • After an event, ears need a time of at least 18 hours to be fully recovered from the previous damage.
  • Another great tip is to wear Earplugs. These musician earplugs can be bought from any place and are reusable.

Doing some cardio exercises

According to a recent study, there is actually a way to improve one’s hearing by performing cardiovascular exercises. The study has confirmed a link between the cardiovascular systems with the functioning of the inner ear’s organs as well as tissues.

With cardiovascular exercises, the blood flow in the ear’s muscles and bones is increased. When exercise increases this blood flow it causes nutrients such as antioxidants and heat shocking proteins to travel in the ear and improve the hearing.

  • Exercises need to perform for the increase of blood flow in ears should involve movements of the large muscles. Such exercises include walking, running, bicycling and swimming for a period of a minimum of 30 minutes.

Doing Yoga

Yoga is renowned for its widely positive effects on the human body. There are also yoga exercises that are beneficial for the ear and improvement of hearing. Yoga aims to provide increased blood flow to the ear and the brain which improves the nerve functions along with the removal of toxins.

Some of the yoga poses that increase the hearing are as follows.

  • Tree Pose: it is a great breathing and stretching exercise for the whole body which works by stretching arms, abdominal muscles, spine, legs and chest area. It improves one’s overall body balance.
  • Triangle Pose: This pose increases the flexibility of one’s spine and corrects the shoulder position along with relieving pain from the backaches. Blood flow is increased which helps tone and massage the pelvic organ.

Changing the diet

Diet is also one of the ways to improve one’s hearing; you just need to add the foods that help with the improvement of the ear function. Such a diet includes food items with low saturated fat and the refined carbohydrates. Fatty foods tend to reduce the blood flow to ears as well as other parts of the body.

Cleaning the outer ear canal

Often earwax or another kind of debris tends to block the outer ear canal which is also one of the common causes for loss in hearing. These ear canals are usually self-cleaning but when they clogged up too much, it can result in partial hearing loss.

For such cases, the hue of the following tips is effective.

  • Drop some hydrogen peroxide liquid in your ear canal to help dissolve the wax buildup. This causes a slight burning sensation.
  • With the help of a syringe, apply a stream of water in the ear to clean the wax.
  • Refrain from the use of the ear cleaning cotton swabs. These swabs, instead of cleaning the ear canal, actually cause the wax to be pushed further down the ear canal and over time can lead to serious conditions.

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