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Effective Ways to Easily Get Rid of the Bad Breath from the Stomach

Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing conditions in the world and nearly 80 percent of the total world population suffers from it. Although the problem can be fixed with a simple rinsing of the mouth, the dilemma is that no one can carry a sink or rinse their mouth just about anywhere. While this is true, carrying an apple or a piece of the sugarless chewing gum can always be a good trick to get rid of bad breath.

In order to make sure that you can smile without worry about those nasty stink fumes emanating from your mouth, we present to you a few of the effective tips to easily get rid of bad breath from the stomach.

Munching on a celery stick, carrots or apples

Women carrots

Munching on food items such as carrots and apples not only improve the overall digestive process but also helps a person’s digestive system to get improved. This means that the stomach will not produce any kind of gas which when released via mouth can cause a nasty odor. Along with this, eating fresh vegetables and fruits help a person to have more saliva production which is able to wash away any bacteria population that resides in places of the mouth such as teeth, gums, and tongue.

Having an empty stomach is also one of the causes for the bad breath as it causes acid build-up. This is why munching on fruits and veggies from time to time keeps a stomach full and keeps the bad breath at bay.

Eating lots of veggies

Bad breath can also be caused due to acid reflux or some other digestive disorder. This type of condition does not usually occur if the immune system is working just fine and one way to boost your immune system is to eat a lot of green veggies.

Green veggies are enriched with chlorophyll which is the pigment used by the plants for the process of photosynthesis that the plants use to absorb the angry from the sunlight. Chlorophyll acts as a natural deodorizer for the mouth to get rid of any foul odor.

After lunch much on some garnish like Mint

After lunch much on some garnish like Mint

Often lunches at home or in restaurants are presented with some relish like mint leaves. Normally most of us put these garnishes on the side and eat away the tasty food. But eating those garnishes can actually help to treat the conditions like heartburn or indigestion, both of which can cause bad breath. Garnishes such as parsley, cilantro, and mint have been known to be natural mouth deodorizers.

So we recommend saving these garnishes for after the meal and chew on them to neutralize that nasty odor that is caused after you eat the food.

Eating sugarless Yogurt

Yogurt is known to be a probiotic food which means that it has healthy bacteria that promotes healthy activity in the gut to improve digestion and especially digestion of the dairy food items. This allows for the stomach to be in optimal condition and reduces any chance of having a bad breath.

Poor digestive system sin not the only cause of bad breath as the presence of the sulfite compounds in the mouth can also lead to bad breath. According to various studies, probiotics present in yogurt are helpful in lowering down the sulfite keeps in the mouth. Still, these types of benefits are only achieved when the yogurt eaten is sugarless.

Eat the cherries

Eat the cherries

Another compound that has been linked as cause for the bad breath is known as Methanethiol which creates a bad smell as of a cabbage rotting. The only known remedy against this type of breath known is to eat cherries. Lettuce also greatly reduces the effects of this compound that leads to bad breath.

A Cup of Green Tea goes a long way

There is no need to tell you how much benefits does green tea holds. Still, from the improvement of the brain functions to reducing the chance of developing cancers, green tea does it all. It helps the body in its detox process to reduce both the foul body odor and the nasty bad breath. Green tea contains Catechins, which is a natural antioxidant that fights off the bacteria that populate in the mouth and lead to bad breath.

Citrus Fruits; Bad for bacteria, Good for You

Citrus Fruits; Bad for bacteria, Good for You

The citric acid present inside the citrus fruits causes the bacteria population in the mouth and the digestive tract impossible to thrive. These are the bacteria which are primarily the cause of the bad odor of the mouth. Thus clearing this bacteria population means no more bad breath.

Ginger Lemon Tea, best mouth deodorizer

Ginger has been used since ancient times as one of the ingredients to treat multiple illnesses due to its strong medicinal properties. Adding a piece of ginger in your daily diet can improve the digestive system which can be the cause of the stinky mouth fumes. Even if a person does not like to drink tea, they can simply rinse their mouth with this tea. Ginger works by masking the bad breath and the citric acid of the lemon in the tea makes it next to impossible or the bacteria to thrive.

Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water

Drinking water has been known to be one of the great tips to keep your overall body healthy and the digestive system working at its optimal capacity. When a person keeps their mouth hydrated for the better part of the day, they are also rinsing away any food particles or the dead cells present in the mouth. Rinsing away these things is effective to diminish the bacteria population which is created due to these things.

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