Effective ways to lose weight that have nothing to do with diet

When we talk about weight loss, in our minds, there is always an image of a person who eats lots of fruits and parsley in between their intense workout routines. While this is also true but it is also not definitive proof that eating healthy foods and doing plenty of exercises will help you achieve that goal.

There are also many other ways to lose weight and all of such means usually do not require going to a gym or changing one’s diet. A common example is eating from a red plate.

Today we have found out a few tricks that you can use in your weight loss program to shed that excess fat.

So scroll down to look at these effective ways to lose weight that have nothing to do with diet or exercise.

Eat from red plates

Although it might seem a little strange to most of you, many studies have confirmed that people who eat from red plates tend to eat less when compared with those who eat from blue or white plates.

The science behind this is that color is associated with prohibition and its signals for stopping, which is why people eat less. A test was conducted with people given cookies on red, white and blue plates. People with red plates ate fewer cookies than those with blue or white plates.

To note, this method is effective for the case when a person likes to eat unhealthy food.

Drink from a narrow and long glass


This is a fun and scientifically proven fact that if you drink from tall and narrow glasses. Then you will only drink 25 to 30 percent of the total.

American scientist Brian Wansink explains this fact as an optical illusion that tricks the human brain. This is why bartenders to make more sales, often serve drinks in short and wide glasses.

Eat more protein

When a person eats food enriched with protein, it satisfies heir hunger faster. According to research a 15 percent increase of protein in a person’s daily diet can help them to consume 440 fewer calories. Due to this lesser calorie intake, the participants almost lost 10 pounds of weight in 12 weeks without limiting anything in their diet.

Chew mint gum when you are slightly hungry

mint gum

If you are a person who normally gets hungry from time to time and tends to eat only unhealthy snacks, then this trick is for you. Always keep a sugar free mint gum at your person at all times. The mint flavor of the gum will dull the taste buds that will diminish the urge to eat something.

Sleep more

According to a research publication by the Nature Communications magazine, people who sleep less than 6 hours a night tend to eat more high caloric foods and in turn gain more weight than those who get plenty of night sleep.

The general rule of thumb is to sleep 7 to 8 hour a night for better health.

Use ice packs to get rid of fat

ice packs

The searchers from the University of Maastricht claim that the cold temperatures help burn fat faster and easier. The cold helps to transform white fat into brown fat. The body is able to metabolize the brown fat easily when compared to white fat. To do this trick, follow the instructions.

  • Wrap an ice pack in a cloth and place it over the area where there is fat.
  • Leave the pack on the fatty area for 30 minutes.
  • Perform this procedure once in a day for 12 days in a row.

To avoid getting frostbite, remove the ice bag from time to time. As a caution, if a person notices the following symptoms during this procedure, they should immediately stop it.

  • Skin redness
  • Tingling
  • Skin numbness

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