Effective Ways to Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

The single longest and the widest nerve of the human body is Sciatic Nerve. The nerve starts from the lower back region and goes down to the foot. Under the influence of stimulants like following, the person might feel sciatica.

  • Irritation
  • Pinch

The sciatica is a condition in which the body in sciatic nerve region feels intense pain. The pain usually runs down from lower back to the legs and to the foot. Some of the common symptoms of sciatica pain are as follows.

  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Burning sensation
  • Tingling sensation in legs and feet

The condition can only worsen with time if not properly treated. It can also affect the quality of life with conditions like

  • Poor movement
  • Poor balance

Today we have made a list of effective ways to treat sciatic nerve pain.

The cat-cow exercise

Initial pose:

Stand on all four limbs on the floor. Hands should be directly under the shoulders while knees are under the hips. Once the pose is performed, follow these steps.

  • Inhale gently and slightly start lifting the head until you are looking at the ceiling. At the same time keep pushing the belly towards the floor.
  • Now exhale gently while lowering the head until you look at the hips. At the same time round the back towards the ceiling direction.

This simple back exercise is effective in not only improving the flexibility of the spine but also in the alignment of the hips. The exercise overall strengthens the core of the body.

Vinegar foot soak

The remedy should be applied one hour before going to sleep. Follow these steps to effectively perform the remedy.

  • Take a bucket of warm water
  • Add in it, 500 ml of ACV
  • Add in it, 1 cup of salt and mix them well

Soak your feet in this solution for 15 minutes and afterward only dry your feet with a towel or a piece of cloth. Going to bed, keep your feet warm.

Doing this remedy daily will provide the body with a considerable decrease in sciatica pain.


Many studies have proved that instead of using anti-inflammatory drugs to treat sciatica pain, the use of Acupuncture is more effective. This treatment form is originated from ancient China and is used to treat nearly every disease. It is also safe to practice and can be used without worrying about the risks.

Ice packs or heating pads

Ice pack compresses help to reduce the inflammation of a pinched nerve by numbing the pain while a hot compress helps by loosening the muscles around the pained nerve as well as relieve the pressure around the nerve. Ice Compress and Hot compress must be performed for at least 20 minutes each.

Proper posture

For those who suffer from sciatica pain, they should maintain a proper sitting posture. The proper sitting posture is to keep the back supported while feet are touching the ground. For this posture, a person suffering from sciatica pain must choose a seat with the following features.

  • Lower back support
  • Armrests
  • Swivel base

If you need to elevate your legs, then place a small stool for reducing pressure on the nerve as well as the spine.

The right sleeping position

Lastly, for sciatica pain, a person must have a proper sleeping posture. For these people, the sleeping suture must be to fully lie flat on the back. To reduce the pressure off of the nerve, slightly elevate the knees by placing a pillow beneath them. The position will allow the hips to be slightly titled and ensure good quality sleep.

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