Everyday Common Habits That Are Actually Damaging Your Spine

One of the leading health problems of the 21st century is the back problems and they are mainly caused by the sedentary lifestyle like looking and using new gadgets such as smartphones and other smart handheld portable devices. There are nuemr0us causes for the bad posture of a person but according to scientists, there are some of the particular ones that cause serious damage.


Today we want to tell our readers about all the everyday common habits that are actually damaging your spine.



Smoking is undoubtedly one of the leading causes for myriad diseases especially numerous types of cancers. But did you know that it is also one of the causes for the backbone pains as well as bad posture? The thing is those smoking items are mostly enriched with a dangerously addictive substance called Nicotine. Nicotine is also reas4ehced to cause the flow of blood to be disrupted near a person’s spinal cord thus causing them frequent backaches.

Interruptions in the circadian rhythms

Research studies have led to finding that the circadian rhythms which are the natural day and night cycle of the body are directly related to the cells of the intervertebral disks of a person’s.

Mostly these circadian rhythms are disrupted by factors such as age, insomnia and night shift working. These disruptions cause the cells to function improperly that leads to the person developing chronic inflammation in their backbone making them experience pain in their lower back regions as well as degeneration of the intervertebral disks.

So it is best to have proper rest in the night time as the way it’s supposed to be so your body can function at its fullest.

Work while standing

Work while standing

While sitting too long is a harmful habit, standing for too long can also be equally harmful to the body and most especially the human spine. Standing posture and the right style can actually cause damage to a person, spine, shoulder, and neck. Wrong posture while standing can lead to a person developing chronic back pain as well as curvature in their spine.

The best way to avoid these pains and curvature of the spine, it is best to stand in the way where there is limited stress on the muscle and the ligaments that hold the spine in place.

Not having proper rest

Majority of us do not pay attention to the earliest of sings of our bodies like the backaches. It is essential that whenever you feel slight back pain, you need to take a mild resting period from your work.

There are often moments in your routine life that can’t let you have rest but as soon as you get the time, take some proper resting period even if the discomfort and pain in the back have subsided.

The best way to reduce the stress on one’s spine is to lie down straight and put your feet upwards.

Increased Mental Work

Mental Work

Often when a person does something that exerts their mental capabilities; it can lead to them developing backaches.

At those times, it is better to think of something other than work and everyday problems. Research has proven that diverting your attention from stressful thoughts and work can lead to the body developing resistance to harmful bodily conditions which also include back pains.

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