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Everyday Do’s and Don’ts for preventing Bad Breath

We often take lightly of dental hygiene but it is among the most crucial among all kinds of personal hygiene.  The mouth is the place from where the food enters the body and if the entry point is not clean the food will get contaminated and it will cause numerous issues. Bad breath is one of the indicators that pone’s dental hygiene is not properly taken care of.

While many of us do take care of our dental hygiene by daily brushing our teeth two times and chewing on sugar-free gums, this is still not enough to get rid of the bad breath.

For our readers, we have made a list of everyday do’s and don’ts for preventing bad breath.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking water is a healthy habit and never drinking too much of it is bad for health. Drinking plenty of water every day causes the slavery glands in the mouth to be stimulated to prevent the dehydration that is one of the reasons for causing Halitosis aka Bad Breath.

It is recommended to make a habit of drinking a few sips of water at your place of work or study.

To not drink an excessive amount of coffee

Some of us cannot do anything in the morning until we gulp down that hot cup of black coffee. However, drinking too much of it is never a good idea.  Caffeine causes the production of saliva to be slowed down and thus causing the mouth to be dried. This dry mouth results in bad breath. It is recommended that instead of drinking coffee, it is healthy to drink a cup of green tea after lunch and dinner.

Cleaning the dentures

Cleaning the dentures

Dentures are an important part of one’s dental health and cleaning them requires vigilance on part of a person. If any of you have dentures then you should clean them as you would have done for the original teeth. It is recommended to clean the dentures at night time to prevent any bacteria build up from food eaten prior.

Flossing right after every meal

If after a meal some piece of the meal remains stuck between your teeth, they will act in the same way as a trash can left filled with trash; they are going to smell bad. The bacteria from the food tend to penetrate deep into the gum line and thus lead to bad breath and in some cases infection.

This is why it is always great to floss even after brushing your teeth.  There are now many types of flosses available in the market with smell and taste of different flavors like Cinnamon.

Changing the toothbrush after 3 months

Changing the toothbrush after 3 months

Let’s admit it, nobody’s got the time these days, everyone is in a rush; wake up, go to the bathroom simply brush teeth, have some breakfast and off to work for a busy day. You never get to notice that the toothbrush you are using has gotten really old. An old toothbrush is actually more unsafe even if you brush your teeth with it. It can result in more bacteria to be added inside your mouth. This is why changing your toothbrush at regular intervals is a great habit. The recommended time interval for changing toothbrushes is about 3 months.

In addition to this, after you have suffered from a particular disease or even a common flu infection; change your toothbrush afterward. These toothbrushes might be infected with the germs of these diseases ad can make the body sick once more.

Do not avoid care of the tongue

While many of us do take care of the teeth by brushing and flossing them, we often tend to neglect that tongue is also the part of the mouth and needs proper cleaning on a daily basis. Nowadays, you can buy tongue scraper from any ordinary store and using them is as effective as 70 percent in reducing the bad breath.

Most toothbrushes nowadays also come with a cheek and tongue cleaner on their backs.

Only use alcohol-free mouthwashes

Only use alcohol-free mouthwashes

Majority of mouthwash brands have the products that contain nearly 27 percent of the alcohol content which tends to dry the mouth after use. Dry mouth is one of the main reasons for causing bad breath and after one hour of that minty fresh smell from the mouth, get ready for a blowback of the nasty smell.

So whenever you go buying a mouthwash, read their ingredients and choose the one that is alcohol-free. Also, refrain from mouthwashes that have Chlorhexidine which causes teeth stains.

Do not eat sugar mints

Avoid easting mints after meals as they are often packed with sugar which causes the bacteria to build up in the mouth and in turn bad breath. There is a high risk that after you have eaten the mint and the sugar minty taste is gone, the smell of mouth might even be worse than before.

The best mouth fresheners are the ones that are sugar-free.

Beware of the medication and its effects on oral health

Beware of the medication and its effects on oral health

Some of the following types of medications have a risk of suppressing saliva production and thus causing bad breath.

  • Antidepressants
  • Painkillers
  • Antihistamines

It is recommended asking your physician beforehand about the effects of the prescribed medication.

Get yourself checked for the tonsil stones

For those who do not know what Tonsil Stones are, they are a mixture of debris and the bacteria that tend to sit in the back of the throat. They appear as white spots and cause a very bad smell.

In order to avoid having them, simply take care of your oral hygiene and go to a dentist every month for a routine checkup.

Keep tab of your weight

Keep tab of your weight

One of the major risks of bad breath is Obesity. Researchers have managed to found a direct link between bad breath and being overweight. The more obese a person is more is the risk of them having a bad breath.

Do not go on a Low carb diet

Do not go on a Low carb diet

For those of you who are on low carb diets, you might remember the word Ketosis. It is a process in which the body starts to burn its own fat stored to produce protein for energy. This happens after the body lacks carbs. The diet is a strict one and that causes the body to produce certain chemicals which are known as Ketones. These ketones are also the cause of bad breath.

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