Everyday Habits To Help Relieve The Pain in Various Body Areas

Pain is the one factor that is the main source of allowing physicians around the world to understand the condition of a person. The majority of these physical pains are characterized due to the sedentary or the hectic lifestyle of a person.

In order to help our readers deal with the pain in various body areas, we present a few of the everyday habits to help relieve these pains.


In order to help treat the headaches, below are some of the everyday habits that a person can actively use.

Refrain from staring at the screens for long period of times

One of the common causes of headaches is constant eyestrain due to a computer or other devices’ usage. Whenever a person uses a set of their body muscles on a single task, the muscles start to ache which is also true for your eye muscles.

To avoid it, be sure to follow the rule of 20-20-20 which is to look at something every 20 minutes from the distance of 20 feet for only 20 seconds.

Reduce sun exposure

Sun exposure causes the heat of the sun to make the blood vessels of the brain to start dilating which raises the temperature of the skin and thus causes headaches. The glare of the sun can also irritate the eyes which is also a cause of headache.

To avoid sun exposure, it is best to wear a hat and sunglasses when going pout in the daytime.

Taking warm showers

Taking the warm shower tends to relax a person’s muscles around their head and thus provide relief from headaches. A similar effect can be gained by the use of hot and cold pads.

Avoid drinking alcohol & smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes happens to be a vasoactive substance that can change the size of the blood vessels inside the brain and then cause a headache. Another cause of headache due to cigarette smoking is that irritates the throat and nose of the person. In similar effects, alcohol consumption causes the blood vessel of the brain to swell up and result in severe headaches.

Reduce the caffeine intake

While taking caffeine in small amounts can be extremely helpful and is thus added in many drugs to provide relief from headaches, its consumption in forms like tea, coffee, and other soft drinks is deadly for health. Consumption in the beverage form of caffeine can lead to addiction and the withdrawal symptom of caffeine is often a Headache.

Drinking lots of water

Dehydration is also one of the leading causes of headaches and to keep such headaches under control, one needs to hydrate their body in a proper manner. Also, be aware that overhydration can lead to hyponatremia.  This is a condition that causes the sodium in the blood to become diluted very much and this leads to symptoms like following.

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating

Neck pain

Neck pain is another major problem that is often suffered by people who have a hectic or a sedentary lifestyle. In order to help resolve this pain, we present the following everyday habits.

Exercise the neck muscles

Shoulders and neck muscles are more prone to suffer pains with neck pain being the most frustrating one.  The best way to counter the neck pain is to strengthen n the muscles of the neck by exercises.  Even simple neck rotations sideways and help relieve the muscle tension.

Having the appropriate sitting posture

Whilst sitting, it is really important for a person to sit in the upright posture and always sit on a chair with proper back support. For those working on computers, they should adjust the height of their work surface so that their neck is not in a bent posture.

Practicing yoga

Yoga has been used for centuries by people of all cultures to help relieve the tensions of the muscles and nerves.  Yoga also provides strength to the muscles of the body and neck and shoulder muscles are no exception as well.

Improving sleeping habits

Whilst sleeping, it is better to give support to the back by placing a pillow under the knees. Refrain from sleeping on the stomach and only use a soft pillow for providing back support.

Back pain

To help avoid the back pains, we offer usage of following everyday habits.

Maintaining the neutral position for body whilst sitting

Whist a person sits on any surface, it is recommended to maintain the straight posture which is to be upright. This sitting posture helps to reduce the stress of the human spine and keeps the back pain at bay.

Stretching the muscles which support the lower back

Back pain can be avoided by performing exercises to help strengthen the muscles of the lower back.  There are numerous exercises with the most effective being the Psoas Stretch and the Lying Spiral Twist.

Stretching the hamstrings

Another conventional exercise to help relieve the pain in the back is to perform the hamstring stretches s they help to lengthen the muscles of one’s thighs. Longer muscles means reduces pressure on the lower back region and this means ease from the back pain.

Foot aches

Foot aches are getting more and more common these days but with the following everyday habits, you can minimize their occurrence or get rid of them completely.

Wearing comfortable shoes

Whenever a person walks, stands or runs; they are actually placing the weight and pressure of the whole body on their feet. Wearing shoes with ill fittings and uncomfortable materials can cause this effect to be worsened.

The best way to avoid this trouble is to wear properly fitted shoes to reduce foot injuries and pain.

Doing toe stretches

To perform the toe stretches, sit on the chair with one foot on the opposite leg and then interlace fingers of hand with toes of the foot. Squeeze on those toes hard and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Afterward, repeat the same stretching exercise for the other foot.

Arch massager

This is a simple, foot stretch that involves a person standing directly with one foot over a tennis ball. Roll the sole of the foot in a slow manner on this tennis ball for only 3 minutes. Afterward, repeat the same thing on the other foot.

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