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Everyday Healthy Foods To Naturally Detox and Cleanse Your Body

Majority of us live fast-paced lives that we often forget to take care of our health by eating on the go processed foods. These foods are actually quite harmful and also put a lot of pressure on our organs. While they may be working to provide you with the necessary energy now, they will one day come back to haunt your health.

Today we have made a list of healthy foods that one can easily incorporate in their daily diet to help naturally detox as well as cleanse your body from the toxins that are daily produced by the body.


This is a greatly beneficial vegetable that I enriched with the following nutrients.

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Betaine  type of anti-oxidant

Betaine is the cause of giving the beetroot its distinctive red color. The liver which is the base of defense against the harmful toxins produced by our body is helped massively by Betaine. Betaine now only improves the overall cell structure but also regenerate the healthy cells of the liver.

To eat it, steam or boil the beetroot with its skin on. You can also try eating it by baking or roasting it. As for the natural way, you can make a beetroot smoothie or grate them in a salad.

Leafy Greens:-

The dark leafy greens help improves the digestive system as they are filled with chlorophyll. This plant compound is the one that consumes the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis to create energy for plants. Chlorophyll has several following properties.

  • Combines free radical and other toxins to convert them into neutral materials
  • Cleans heavy metals in the body
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Alkalize the body to get rid of acidity

To use it in food, make your kitchen full with following leafy greens.

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Wheatgrass

You can simply add all these organic dark leafy greens in your salad. You can sue the wheatgrass to make a smoothie. Spinach can be used for spinach salad and kale to be roasted with olive oil for pizza kale chips.

Seeds and Nuts:-

If you are someone who likes to eat snacks a lot, try eating ones that are actually healthy. Always keep on your person a bag full of seeds and nuts like the following.

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Flaxseeds
  • Sunflower seeds

They will have the following benefits for your health.

  • Almonds help get rid of fatty deposits that are formed around the liver
  • Walnuts have high levels of Arginine Acid to detox the ammonia in the body to help the brain function better.
  • Flaxseeds are helpful for improving your mood and are a great source to detox your intestines by flushing out the toxins. They also promote weight loss by suppressing the appetite.
  • Sunflower seeds have magnesium in them to keep the blood pressure normal. It allows a steady heartbeat and also boos the process of Lipolysis to release the fat from its deposits in the body.


Yogurt is filled with probiotics as they supply a healthy soppy of bacteria to fortify the digestive tract. This allows the digestive system to have improved digestion and also enhances the body’s immune system.

Avoid using yogurts like Fat-Free and Low-fat yogurts as they contain a lot o processed sugar.

Dandelion or Green Tea:-

Dandelion aids the liver by stopping and filtering the toxins and waste from the human body. As for Green Tea, it is enriched with anti-oxidants. Green tea also contains natural caffeine that offers the body a fresh boost of energy with a diuretic effect which means it keeps the body stopped from bloating by countering the water retention.

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