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Exercises that help to clear up the Lymph Congestion for those who Sit All Day

For those of you who spend a lot of time working while sitting on a chair in front of a computer or spending the long evenings going about on your smartphone, then you might experience the pain in the neck, shoulder, and back which might become a serious problem over time. A lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting or simply called Sedentary Lifestyle tends to cause a lot of damage to one’s health. The muscles of such a person start becoming stiff and they start experiencing numbness along with tingling sensations.

We love to take care of our readers and this is why we have chosen some of the exercises that help to clear up the lymph congestion for those who sit all day.

Shoulders and Neck

If a person works all day long sitting on one spot or has to drive for long hours, it can result in the tension to occur in their schedulers and neck. This tension, in turn, results in pain in the tendons, bones, and muscles. Over time this pain can become constant and cause serious problems. In Great Britain alone, nearly 30 million people called in their workplace due to muscle pain in the neck region.

These pinched nerves, as well as blood vessels, can cause the eyesight to be impaired and often causes headaches. While these are serious conditions for human health, they can be cleared up by only doing the following easy to do exercise.

Stretching the shoulders and neck:-

In order to perform this exercise, follow the following steps. 

  • First, you need to lean up against a wall or a doorway with only one hand. 
  • Now lower down the head and start trying to reach the opposite shoulder with the chin. 
  • Once you do so, slowly return back to your original position. 
  • Do 10 reps for each side of the body and do not try too much. 

 After you do this exercise, a warm and pleasant feeling will start to flow through your muscles. 

Relieving the tension:-

To perform this exercise, follow these steps.

  • Stand up in a manner against the wall so the backside of the neck in direct contact with the wall while the heels are away from the wall at a distance of 3 inches.
  • In this position, lower the shoulders down and stretch your arms to their respective sides.
  • Perform 110 such arm lifts and make sure that the arms are in contact with the wall at all times.


Lymph congestion does not only occur in the neck or in the shoulders, but it also tends to accumulate in the hands as well. Often the wrong positioning of the mouse or the keyboard as well as the bad style of holding a smartphone can cause tingling and pain sensation in the wrists.

If a person starts to ignore such unpleasant sensations and the symptoms, there is a chance that they will end up suffering from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But do not worry, as there are a variety of easy-to-do exercises that can halt the progression of such diseases even before they start to develop.

For office exercise:-

For this exercise you need to follow the following steps.

  • First, take 2 balls and an expander to help with this exercise.
  • Use these expanders and balls during the day time. Simply work the expander and squish on those balls to help free up the lymph congestion in the wrists.
  • In addition to clearing up lymph congestion, this exercise also strengthens the joints.

Warming up the wrist:-

This exercise is really simple with only a few following steps.

  • Take a wrist and then perform 10 round motions as if drawing a circle with the other hand on the wrist to keep it steady.
  • After you are done with one hand, perform it on the other hand as well.

Finger stretching:-

The finger stretching exercise is also a simple one with these steps.

  • The exercise can be started by linking the index fingers of both hands.
  • After linking both index fingers, pull both fingers apart hard.
  • Perform the same method for all the fingers of both hands.

Buttocks and Lower back

If you start to experience heaviness and pain in the lower back region or the buttocks, it does not mean that you are aging. This might be due to the sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. In serious causes, sitting for several hours a day might result in Sciatica. This is a condition that causes the sciatic nerve that runs down the hips and feet, to get irritated.

Doctors also warn that sitting too long a day can also result in a person to develop cellulite. To avoid these and many other conditions from lymph congestion, you can perform some easy exercises that can improve the blood circulation to make you healthy once more.

For office exercise:-

Follow the following steps to perform this exercise.

  • Sit on the edge of a chair while stretching one of the legs in the forward direction.
  • Slowly bed the body towards this stretched leg but avoid overdoing it as you do not need to experience any tension or pain.
  • Do 15 of these stretching exercises and then switch up for the other leg.

This exercise is effective in releasing the tension from the buttocks and the area of the lower back along with providing some relaxation to the hamstring.

For home exercise:-

To perform a lymph congestion clearing exercise at home, perform the following steps.

  • Lie down flat on the floor with a rolled-up blanket or a soft pillow under the neck.
  • Bend the left knee and then place the right ankle on top of it.
  • The right foot must be a little above the knee of the left leg.
  • After that clasp on to the back of the left thigh tightly and then pull.
  • If you are unable to wrap the hands around the thigh, do it with the help of a towel.
  • Avoid raising your buttocks in the maneuver and only lie in this state for about 30 seconds.
  • Do 2 reps for each exercise.

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