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Foods One Must Avoid To Not Suffer From Clogged Arteries

When it comes to the health of the heart, nearly everyone out there knows what it means to eat right and avoid eating junk food for the starters.  However, the changes in one’s eating habits are not that simple as one might think.  There are many foods that we eat every day that we consider healthy but they are bad for health and especially the arteries.

We are concerned about the health of our readers and want you to have good heart health with no clogged arteries. This is why today we present a list of the foods one must avoid to not suffer from clogged arteries.

Red meat

Red meat is the one that has a bright red color and it is sally in its raw form. The red meat is often of a large grazing animal like a cow or a small one like lamb. This meat is not exactly good per se for the health.  According to one study, people who eat red meat daily were sobered to have high levels of the chemical called Trimethylamine N-oxide which is linked with heart diseases.

Another study found the link between regular consumption of red meat with the increased risk of having a stroke or a heart attack.

Canned soups and vegetables

One might think of the canned soups and vegetables to be a great way of adding the vegetables to the daily diet. But the thing is that these items are packed with added salts which are more of a danger if you are eating canned sauce or broth. Too much salt can increase the blood pressure and also lowers the amount of oxygen to the heart. This causes blockage to clog the arteries due to being dense and leads to a heart attack.

Frozen meals

Frozen foods like TV dinner are not only cheap but also low in calories which makes them to be a great food choice. The thing is that these meals are also packing high levels of sodium in them for the sake of adding the flavor to food along with being the preservative.

The recommended daily dosage of sodium for a person is about 2000 milligrams and a single TV dinner packs this amount.

Cured meats

Cured meats are the ones that are preserved for flavor with the added salts. The typical examples of these cured meats are salami and bologna which are packed with saturated fats and cause the cholesterol levels to increase at a terrifying rate.  This can lead to the fatty deposits getting accumulated in the thing blood vessels and clog them which ultimately leads to serious heart-related disorders.

While there are low-fat cured meats also available in the market, they are still not great for health because of high quantities of added salts.

Coffee creamer

Coffee creamers normally contain the oils called partially-hydrogenated oils which are the common source of Trans fats which have side effects; the increase in cholesterol levels.

If a person does not like the coffee black, then instead of adding the coffee creamer, add milk instead. Adding the plant-based milk like Soy Milk is even better alternatives for the coffee creamers.

Baked goods

It is no brainer that desserts like the baked items should only be eaten in a moderate amount and only for the taste instead of filling up the belly. The reason is that they are packed with Trans fats. One particular study finds a link between Trans fatty acids and the risk of developing heart diseases.

A large group of baked items is coated and made with sugar in them which puts stress over the heart when they are eaten in large quantities. Even the sugar in normal food, if high, contains the glucose 6-phosphate and it can lower the functions of the heart and in extreme cases even to heart failure.

Ice cream

Ice creams are without a doubt packed with cholesterol at high levels. One cup of ice cream is packed with 8 grams of saturated fats. This is nearly more than half of what is the daily recommended dose for an average human being.

Fried foods

All types of fried foods are bad for your health, Period. This is because the frying process leads to the creation of Trans fats. 4 ounces of fried chicken serving have enough cholesterol to make you sick if you eat it on a daily basis.

The alternative to fried foods is the grilled ones like instead of eating fried chicken, try eating the grilled chicken.


Soda is something that we consume nearly every day but this is the thing that is causing more harm to the arteries than any other food or beverage item.

According to one study, the drinking sodas on a daily basis, which are packed with high amounts of sugar, are the cause for the heart diseases and clogged arteries. Even the diet soda does not add anything beneficial to one;’ health. Numerous studies prove that drinking sodas with artificial sugars are the primary cause of heart diseases as well as strokes.

Macaroni & cheese

Macaroni & cheese might be the favorite foods of the millions but it is also one of the causes for the clogged arteries and it’s because of all the salt and the saturated fats in them.

However, these saturated fats can be avoided to a certain limit if while cooing the dish, one uses the low fat-cheese and the fat-free milk.


Above were all the types of foods that have the adverse effect of heart health in one way or another because they are bad for the body. However, even some of the foods which are good for the heart are also harmful to the arteries.

Although the liver is enriched with iron, eating too much of the liver can lead to increased cholesterol levels. Also, half of the fats found in the liver are the saturated fats and if that liver is eaten after frying in oil, it leads to an increased risk of heart problems.

Cottage cheese

Even if a food does not taste salty, it does not mean that it does not have low sodium content in it. Cottage cheese is the perfect example of this case which is packed with high sodium levels and can lead to high blood pressure. Researchers have found evidence that eating cottage cheese can often counteract the other healthy aspects of cottage cheese such as the calcium.

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