Foods That One Can Eat Even at the Night time safely

To some people eating at night bounds like a rhea nightmare but for some people it is a habit. But what the later people do not know is that this late-night snacking that can be really harmful to them if they re binging on late night donuts or sausages. Still, there are some foods that one can eat during the night like popcorn or cheese.

Today we have gathered a list of the foods that one can eat even at night time safely.


As per research from Harvard, eating too much food during the night can be a resulting factor for not having slept much like sleeping hungry. This is why they advise eating something light during the night. A good example of eating at night would be eating a few slices of the cheese that can help satiate the nerve receptors that cause the body to feel hungry. As for the cheese it will also get digested easily.


As per many nutritionists across the globe, eating the plain fat-free Greek yogurt can be a really good snack for the nighttime. This is because it does not contain the fats instead of packs a lot of proteins.

The proteins in fat-free yogurt help a person get to fall asleep faster as well as keep the feeling of satiety and helps to burn more calories during the day.


We are not talking about the regular processed crackers instead we are talking here about the whole wheat crackers. These crackers can be eaten at the nighttime without any worry that they might disrupt the sleep pattern. They are packed with what nutritionists call the slow carbohydrates that maintain a sense of satiety for longer periods of time.


As per the renowned nutritionist named Erika Kannall, people who wish to have a nighttime snack, she recommends them to eat the popcorn which does not have salt. This sank will not impact on the shape of the body and also satisfy any lingering hunger.

To add taste to your popcorns, you can add in some black pepper and garlic to it to help with better digestion.


1 boiled egg only packs about 75-kilocalories which makes it a great snack for the night time. As per Erika, this type of sack will help a person forget about the lingering hunger until the morning without the worry about adding an extra inch to your waistline.


For those of you who feel like they will definitely wake up in the night and will not be satiated with only one type of food, then we recommend making something diverse beforehand. For example, make vegetable salad beforehand and place it in the fridge.

Eating green vegetable salad is recommended as it contains the carbohydrates that keep the sense of satiety.


This food recordation is for those who want to eat something sweet when they wake up in the nighttime. Eat the applesauce with cinnamon which has a handful of raisins mixed in it.

This snack will not only help curb down your need to eat something sugary but also decrease the level of the chemical substance called Orexin which promotes the hunger urge during the nighttime.

Cherry juice

By cherry juice we mean the glass of cherry juice that is extracted from fresh cherries. This might not get you fee full but the juice itself has sleep-inducing pretties to make it longer and deeper.


Banana is fruit that if a person eats after waking up not only makes them feel full but also prevents them from waking up again at night. This is due to the banana containing the magnesium and potassium content in high amounts which makes the body feel relax.

In addition to these substances, bananas also contain the melatonin which improves one’s sleep quality.

Foods that one should not eat at Night

After laying down all the food items that one can possibly eat after waking up in the middle of the night, it only felt right to note down some foods that one should not eat during the night. Below are such food items that one should not eat after waking up in the nighttime.

Simple carbs

Simple cabs include the foods like bakery items and sugary stuff that while making you feel full, will still make you end up waking in the morning feeling groggy. In addition to this, they can also add on for the extra weight gain.

Spicy and salty foods

Eating the spicy and salty foods during the night can often cause a person to wake up in the middle of the night feeling severely dehydrated and looking for a glass of water. And after you drink water, it might be a little troublesome to go back to sleep once more.


Drinking alcohol before bed or as a matter of fact anytime is never a good idea. It makes the body get dehydrated. In addition to this, alcohol consumption will make you get up many times during the night to go to the bathroom.

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