Foods That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

It is not possible to eat 100 percent healthy food. However, still we humans need foods that will greatly benefit our body. While there are actually many foods that are quite healthy indeed, there are still some foods that only pretend to be healthy.

Today we are going to let our readers know these foods that only pretend to be healthy.

Banana chips

While banana chips themselves are healthy due to them having the following nutrients.

  • Food fiber
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

But the manufacturers of these banana chips diminish their beneficial effects by adding in the flavor enhancers as well as unnecessary sugar. In addition to this they also often deep fry them in oil to devoid them of any benefits.

In order to have the health benefits of banana chips, it is recommended to make them at home. Instead of deep frying them, cook them in oven or dried-air.


Nowadays there are many types of Crispbread available in the market. However, not all of them are healthy as they are often cooked in oils that are potentially harmful to health.

To avoid buying these harmful Crispbreads, just read the composition before buying one. The ingredients that you should keep an eye out for are as follows.

  • Yeast
  • Modified starch
  • Preservatives
  • Dyes
  • Antioxidants

The only good Crispbreads are made from the following.

  • Whole grains
  • Whole wheat flour

Gluten-Free Foods

Gluten is a nutrient that is naturally found in grains and this is the nutrient that makes it impossible for flour to be mixed with water.

While gluten is normal in our food but there is still 1 percent population of earth that Gluten Intolerance. These people often turn to gluten-free foods. In actuality, these gluten-free foods do more harm than good as they are made with refined products.

In order to replace it, try eating common bread. Even for people with gluten intolerance, consuming a small amount of bread is not harmful.

Dried and candied fruit

Although dried fruits are healthy there is still the issue of protecting them from mold problem. Manufacturers, in order to preserve them treat them with various fungicides as well as sulfur dioxide. When it comes to candied fruits, they are more harmful because of huge amounts of artificial sweeteners added to them.

The best alternative for them is to dry fruits at home. It might be a little difficult, but it is a healthy alternative.

Processed cheese

The processed cheese not only contains a huge amount of artificial additives, but it is also enriched with huge amount of sodium aka the Salt. The processed cheese is so harmful to the body that even 2 slices of this cheese are more than the 2/3 of the daily body requirements.

In order to avoid the processed cheese, replace it by eating other good quality natural cheeses like salted cottage cheese.

Instant oatmeal

While each person who eats healthy knows that there is nothing healthier than the oatmeal. What they don’t know is that the flake that needs to be cooked for only 3 minutes are unhealthy.

If the flakes are small, they are most likely to be processed and will have the high Glycemic Index which in turn leads to more calorie consumption.

The best way is to buy the coarsely ground oats. They might more time to cook but they are indeed much healthier than that low-quality instant oatmeal.

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