Gastric Ulcer: 10 Amazing Natural Cures


Natural Cures for Gastric Ulcer

The gastric ulcers are open sores throughout the lining of the abdomen. The an infection brought on by Helicobacter pylori micro organism is the most typical explanation for gastric ulcers. Additionally, there could be different causes for gastric ulcers, resembling extra alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, and the overuse of anti-inflammatory drugs, resembling ibuprofen and aspirin. Many standard anti-ulcer therapies could cause detrimental sides, resembling diarrhea and complications. It is a cause why the curiosity in various treatments has steadily risen and it has been fueled by each medical professionals and people with ulcers alike.

Gastric Ulcer

Additionally, it’s observed that ladies have extra possibilities of having gastric ulcers in comparison with males if they’re over the age of 70 they usually take drugs or over–the–counter medication repeatedly. Individuals, who’ve a household historical past of gastric ulcers, are having 2 – 3 occasions extra possibilities of getting gastric ulcers by themselves. Individuals, who’re between 55 and 65 years outdated, have elevated possibilities of getting gastric ulcers. You might want to speak together with your physician in the event you endure from gastric ulcers, so she or he can let you know which the most effective residence treatment for you is, with out inflicting any uncomfortable side effects. Listed here are some residence treatments for gastric ulcers:

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage is likely one of the hottest residence treatments for ulcers, in addition to for gastric ulcers. Medical doctors have been utilizing cabbage juice as a house treatment for gastric ulcers many years earlier than antibiotics had been obtainable to heal abdomen ulcers. This residence treatment is wealthy in Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that may assist to stop and deal with H. pylori an infection. Within the early research was proven that the day by day consumption of contemporary cabbage juice can assist to heal gastric ulcers extra successfully than the traditional therapy used on the time.

Colourful fruits

There are a lot of totally different fruits which have a part known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are the rationale for the wealthy colours of some fruits. In research is claimed that flavonoids, also referred to as bioflavonoids, could be an efficient extra therapy for gastric ulcers. Additionally, these parts can assist a variety of different digestive points, resembling diarrhea and spasms.

Flavonoids are referred to as gastroprotective and which means they’ll defend the liner of the abdomen they usually can permit ulcers to heal. They’re doing this by rising the abdomen mucus, which inhibits the expansion of H. pylori. Additionally, flavonoids have antioxidant properties. You may add fruits wealthy in flavonoids in your food regimen, resembling lemons, oranges, nuts, cherry, blueberry, and apples.

Plantain Bananas

Plantains are kinds of bananas, which can assist within the pure therapy of gastric ulcers. In some research is claimed that the unripe plantain bananas can have a constructive impact on gastric ulcers. The unripe plantain bananas have a part known as leucocyanidin. This part can enhance the quantity of mucus within the abdomen. Additionally, this fruit can assist to scale back acidity and it could assist to stop and relieve the signs of gastric ulcers.


It is a candy however wholesome residence treatment. It has antioxidant properties that are linked to a variety of well being advantages. They can assist to stop the formation and promote the therapeutic of many wounds, resembling gastric ulcers. Additionally, honey has highly effective antibacterial properties which can assist within the struggle towards H. pylori progress.


It’s recognized that probiotics reside microorganisms that may provide an array of well being results. They’ve many well being advantages, resembling bettering the well being of your thoughts, bettering the well being of your abdomen, and the flexibility to stop and struggle towards gastric ulcers. There are some research by which are proven that probiotics can assist to wipe out H. pylori and enhance the restoration charge for individuals who have gastric ulcers when probiotics are added to the normal routine of antibiotics.

There are a lot of totally different meals which have probiotics as their part, resembling fermented meals. Among the finest meals wealthy in probiotics embrace kefir, kimchi, miso, buttermilk, yogurt, and so forth. Additionally, you’ll be able to take probiotics in complement type, however speak together with your physician in regards to the advisable dosage.


You need to use onions as your own home treatment for gastric ulcers. They might trigger you fuel, however they’ll forestall the expansion of ulcer-causing micro organism, which might enhance your danger of gastritis and over time, result in abdomen most cancers. You may add sliced onions to salads and sandwiches or toss them into stir-fries, fajitas, and pasta. You need to keep away from frying the onion as a result of this may upset your abdomen.

Keep away from Espresso

Espresso can enhance your danger of getting gastric ulcers and it could delay its therapeutic, so it’s essential to keep away from it.

Castor Oil Compress

You may calm the gastric ulcer with a castor oil pack utilized to your stomach. This residence treatment can cut back irritation, relieve the ache and it could heal tissues beneath the pores and skin. The compress is a simple and cheap residence treatment you can make. You need to place a towel in castor oil till it’s utterly saturated. You might want to squeeze to take away any further liquid and keep away from dripping. Then, cowl the painful space in your stomach. Then, prime with a dry towel and a scorching–water bottle for added stress. You need to go away the pack on for as much as one hour.

Keep away from Spicy Meals

These meals can worsen the signs of gastric ulcers, so it’s essential to keep away from them utterly out of your food regimen.


It’s a recognized indisputable fact that espresso can irritate gastric ulcers, however this isn’t the case with tea. Among the finest teas which might soothe the ache of gastric ulcer and encourage therapeutic embrace peppermint and chamomile teas. You need to brew your tea and permit it to chill till it’s simply heat, however not scorching as a result of this may irritate your gastric ulcer. You need to stir in some uncooked honey for its antibacterial properties, in addition to for its candy taste. If in case you have GERD, then it’s best to keep away from peppermint, as a result of this may set off or worsen indigestion and heartburn.

Vitamin E

Some docs are advisable to take 300 mg of Vitamin E on day by day foundation as a house treatment for gastric ulcers, so speak together with your physician earlier than you begin taking this vitamin as your pure therapy for gastric ulcers.


In some research is claimed that licorice can be utilized as a house treatment for gastric ulcers, however it’s essential to speak together with your physician earlier than you begin utilizing it, so you’ll keep away from attainable uncomfortable side effects.

Keep away from Espresso

Espresso can worsen the signs of gastric ulcers, so it’s essential to keep away from espresso out of your food regimen.


This pure treatment can shield your abdomen from ulcerations brought on by alcohol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication.


This pure treatment may be very efficient towards many alternative ailments and it could assist to stop and heal gastric ulcers. In case you are used to consuming garlic, then you’ll be able to eat two cloves of uncooked garlic on day by day foundation, so this can assist to manage the degrees of H. pylori micro organism in your intestine. Additionally, you’ll be able to chop up contemporary garlic and you may add two tablespoons of uncooked and unprocessed honey. Honey will enhance the style of this pure treatment, but additionally, it has antibacterial properties which can assist to do away with micro organism which are trigger gastric ulcers.

Aloe Vera Juice

You recognize that the Aloe Vera gel can be utilized for sunburns and different pores and skin issues, however the juice of this plant can assist to assuage your infected abdomen lining. Aloe Vera juice can be utilized as a house treatment for gastric ulcers. You should buy Aloe Vera juice out of your well being – meals retailer or drugstore and you may drink a number of sips earlier than every meal at evening. This pure treatment can provide you aid from ulcer ache and it could promote therapeutic.


These days, each single individual needs to eat yogurt, so individuals who endure from gastric ulcers can do it too. Most yogurts have lively cultures, like bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, which can assist digestion by balancing out dangerous micro organism with good micro organism. In case you are on antibiotics, then yogurts can assist you numerous. They can assist you in your struggle towards gastric ulcers. They will replenish the great micro organism which your meds have eradicated out of your physique and it could assist to stop diarrhea.

Keep away from Alcohol

It’s a recognized indisputable fact that alcohol can enhance your possibilities of getting gastric ulcers and it could worsen your signs. It is a cause why it’s best to keep away from consuming alcohol as a lot as you’ll be able to.


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