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Get Rid of Facial Wrinkles With These Tips For Head Massage

Even if someone takes care of their skin, visits their cosmetologist quite often or even get those beauty injections from time to time, it might still not be enough to keep that face of their look young. The conditions of the muscles, as well as the tendons in the neck and the head region, play an important role in the maintenance of a young face. They influence the color of the skin and also determine if a person has a swelling, wrinkles, drooping eyelids or not.

Today we decided to look at what epicranial aponeurosis really is and why a quick head massage daily can lead to great effects for skin by lifting it. We also compiled a list of some helpful exercises to help our readers with their head massage routines.

What is Epicranial Aponeurosis?

The answer question as to what is epicranial aponeurosis is that it is a tough layer made of dense and fibrous tissues that cover the upper portion of the cranium (Human Skull). The human scalp tends to become less and less mobile over the course of life and tends to lose its elasticity which makes it more attached to the cranium. This also leads to scalp having decreased microcirculation of the blood in the scalp and create an effect like that of a tight rubber hat which tends to press down on one’s head and face. This is what causes those droopy eyelids and wrinkles on the face which makes it lose its overall shape.

The healthy condition of the human scalp is the one here it is mobile and it can only be restored with the head massage. The more mobile one’s scalp is, the younger their face will look.

Side grip

Pick up your hairs from both sides of the head from their roots and hold them one inch above your ears. Now feeling this motion move upwards while gently pulling your hairs. Hold this position. Now tilt your head a little bit forward for increasing the tension in the skin and hair and perform a circular motion massage with hands in both the clockwise and the counter-clockwise directions.

Perform this massage for about 30 to 40 seconds.

Gripping from behind your ears

In this head massage, grip your hairs from both sides just behind your ears but closer from the back of your head. Feel the motion of your scalp in the position and pull your hair gently upwards. Hold this position for a bit and then do simple circular motions in the counterclockwise and clockwise directions gently.

Perform this head massage technique for 30 to 40 seconds.

Gripping forehead and backside of the head

During this massage technique, grip the hairs from both the back of your head and from the front of your head i.e. the hairline. Gently pull your hairs upwards and hold in this position and start doing circular motions in only the counterclockwise direction.

Perform this head massage for about 30 to 40 seconds.

From forehead to the top

Place fingers for both of your hands on your forehead just where the hairline starts and start moving upwards with a little bit of pressure and doing circular motions. While doing this massage, do pay attention to the areas of the head where it feels painful.

The head massage should be done for about 30 to 40 seconds.

Back-of-the-head massage

Place fingers of both your hands on the backside of your head and move them down towards your neck. While doing so, make light pressings as well as circular motions. Also, be sure to keep a note of the areas where you experience pain. Doing the massage for 30 to 40 seconds is more than enough.

Lymphatic drainage

Make your fists and then place those fists on the bones located on the sides of the head’s back. Massage this area in circular motions for about 30 to 40 seconds.

The best time for performing this massage should be right after waking up but it can also be carried out in-between the day. As for doing it, you can perform it while sitting or standing.  

Effects of the Head Massage Tips:-

The effects of the head massages that we explained above individually are as follows.

  • Hair follicles get better nutrition which then leads to improved hair growth.
  • Improved circulation of the blood as well as lymphatic drainage.
  • Massaging the head calms down the heart and normalizes its functions.
  • Daily head massage improves the overall condition and lessens the attacks of headaches.
  • Face suffers less from swelling especially in the upper area.
  • It gives a natural lift to the face.
  • Head massage aids in making these wrinkles less obvious.

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