Get Rid of The Stuffy Nose in Only 15 Minutes

A problem that almost all of us suffer from at one point in our life is Stuffy Nose. And one thing that everyone who has suffered from the stuffy nose will agree to it is that it feels much better as soon as one can get rid of this condition.

Today we have collected some helpful tips to get rid of the stuffy nose in only 15 minutes.

Massaging the pressure point between the eyebrows

The first tip is to try massaging the pressure point located between the eyebrows for 1 minute gently. This massage not only influences one’s nasal mucosa but also has the following effects.

  • It helps to prevent the inflammation and dryness of the sinuses.
  • Has the preventative effect.
  • It helps to reduce the pressure gathered in one’s frontal sinuses.

Massaging the pressure point in the nasal sinuses

For massaging the pressure point in the nasal sinuses as shown in the figure above, one must do it in circular motions. This pressure point is generally located in the wing areas of the nose. To massage this area, one must do it with their middle and index fingers for about 2 minutes. This massage technique not only helps to open up the person’s nasal passages but also makes it easier for the person to blow their nose for cleaning the stuffed nose.

Massaging the pressure point between the lip and the nose

Another massage tip is to massage the pressure point area located between the person’s upper lip and the nose with soft movements for about 3 minutes. This massage technique will help them to remove the swelling in their nose.

Use the air humidifier

When the humidity in the air drops down to about 40 percent, the mucus in one’s nose starts to dry up and then interferes with the free-breathing. If the person already has a lot of mucus in their nasal passage and the humidity is also low, then it can result in numerous bacterial complications. In such conditions, one must make use of an air humidifier. The ideal moisture content in one’s surroundings should be in-between 40 to 60 percent.

Warming up your nose bridge

This is also a simple tip for getting rid of a stuffy nose. All you need to do is to take a piece of warm cloth and then compress your nose bridge with it. The cloth can be warmed either in a microwave or by butting it in the hot water and then squeezing it dry. Beware that the piece of cloth is not too warm. The heat of the warm cloth will convert the mucus from being partially solid to liquid. After you have warmed up your nose bridge, blow the nose or wash it clean with a saline solution.

If the condition is due to an allergy, work out

When the heart rate of the body is increased by a sufficient degree, their body warms up. This actually puts a positive effect on mucus’s fluidization in the nose and makes it much easier for the person to blow their stuffy nose. If the stuffy nose is caused due to allergy-like Allergic Rhinitis, then performing the physical activity for about 15 minutes is enough to make the condition better.

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